Hello Papa, 

Its midnight here on earth and I can’t tell why am up by this time. What I know is that sleep refuses to steal the struggling slumber of my eyes. It’s 1st July and today is your birthday. How I wish you were around to behold this month of July. 

On Fathers’ day, I could not get the opportunity to commend you for the sacrifices you paid to see us through this stage of life before you took your rightful leave of us back into eternity on the 29th July, 2016. 

Today, on your birthday, the cord of tradition is broken as you are no where for us to pick the phone to call and wish you a happy birthday. All the same, I wish you a happy birthday through my letter to you. 

You would have been 67 years on earth today and you are one year old in the grave and in heaven. How are you Papa? I know you are living a better life and more healthier than the last time I saw you on 24th July, 2016. I have never forgotten there was no goodbye from you to me. Don’t forget to tell me about the experience of the spiritual realms and exactly where you are now and what you do? 

Before I forget, your wife and my mum’s health condition is gradually improving and I know you can see from above. Our wish is rather a speedy recovery and she getting to her former life. 

July brings so much memories; memories of the good and memories of the unforgettable like your demise Paps. Every Friday, at 6:17pm the alarm on my phone would sound to remember me about the exact time of your passing. So sad. Finally you had left after so many battles to survive sickness. July 29th would be a day we would not easily forget. I could not believe my eyes when I saw you on the stretcher at the Tema General  Hospital lifeless. My tears were replaced with worship as we praised God for your life lived here on earth.

In two days time, it will be my birthday. I know how happy you would be for me on 3rd July. I still have your last year’s message with me on my phone. You wrote then: ” Happy birthday to you and may God grant you stability in life, wisdom and prosperous  endeavours all years long. AMEN.” 

The biggest joy of my life is what I want to share with you though it fills my eyes with tears especially your absence. I will be marrying in this same July. On the 8th July, 2017 will be my special day. I will be getting married to Louisa Prudence Hanson. Oh! I forgot you never met her in person. That is the woman I want to settle down with and spend the rest of my days here on earth with. I knew you wanted to see me married and being witness to such a joyous moment but fate said otherwise. Papa, I have carefully and prayerfully made the choice of Louisa as you always admonished. Am so sad your absence would be felt at my wedding but wish me well. I am so happy and I can even imagine the smile gathering on your face as you read this line. Keep me in prayer that I shall have a very successful marriage like the one you had. 

I promise to take very good care of her and also be a good boy (now a man).

On the 13th July, your first grand child, Cadman Nyhira Ackah  will also be celebrating his birthday. He is now a big boy and very accommodating. He still calls you grandpa anytime he sees a picture of you. I know soon, he will ask, “where is grandpa.” What would you want me to tell him? 

Soon, the joy of 8th July would be replaced by the remembrance of 29th July and our tears would flow freely again of our losing you. The entire family would gather in our mourning garment to the village to see where you were laid to rest and perform memoria ceremony for you. 

Extend my greetings to all and let them bless the toil of our struggle here on earth. 

With the saddest regard until we meet again. Rest well and Happy Birthday.