There have never been better teachers in our world than our mothers. They are our biggest lessons and every aspect of their lives are sometimes worth more than the many years spent in the classrooms.

In my personal life, I have encountered many life challenges but am yet to come across a woman who possess the strength of my Ma’ma. Last year had been one of the biggest experience my Ma’ma had to go through. It is Mother’s Day again and I look back to the last time we celebrated her while her strength was fading. I remember very well the call that came through to me when I was almost set for my Easter church service. It stroke me like a paralysed man whose last breathe would lock him forever in some wooden box somewhere. Ma’ma had fallen sick and could not walk properly. Hmmm! Hard times for the family. At this time last year, Papa was gradually marching towards the gates of Zion. He was growing weaker each passing day and his only source of strength to battle his illness had suddenly fallen weak and unable to offer to offer the support that had kept him strong even in sickness. Two sick people who had become immobile. Who would care for the other?

I had to reach to see Ma’ma and Papa. Tears filled my tears as they threatened to fall like running water. Why? Why all these on us? As Ma’ma saw my countenance, she said to me, “my son, I shall be strong again. I will walk. Just have faith. My enemies won’t succeed.”

I held back my tears like a little child hiding food from its mother. Her words were heavy as they echoed in my spirit and questioned my strength of faith in moment of adversity.

Many voices spoke in discouraging tones to her but she was resolute in her faith and believe in her Maker to heal her. She was battling to stay strong in order to extend a hand of help to her husband whom she was fast losing.

In July, she experienced her biggest shock when the man she had spent her better part of her life with gave up the ghost upon reaching the gate of Zion. Desolation! Deep sense of fear and emptiness erupted us all at our lost and Ma’ma’s state. No! She needed strength to get better and prayers would be critical at such difficult moment. I prayed with her every time I visited her while she took her recovery with all the seriousness she can to get back to her normal self.

I await the day she will rise to her feet and walk like she used to do. Ma’ma is strong now, far better than the fear we entertained a year ago. We marvel at her servant heart that despite her not too good state, she still prepares fufu, the family favourite for his children anytime we visit. She possesses the strength of a lioness and we draw our inspiration from how she has been able to stand in the face of great adversity and persisting to come out of it victorious.

As today marks Mother’s Day, I look to the heavens to graciously send her strength so she gets back on her feet. Ma’ma, we love you and know that your life stories teach us how to live ours. You will be well.

We look with assurance of hope to remembering her strength and her courage to overcome all that she has faced in her life which would be worth emulating as we her children go through life and face stormy trials.

Ma’Ma, I raised this prayer for you. Heavenly Father, I come to you today with a request in my heart. I come to you not with my personal needs even though you know I have a lot on my table. I come with the need of my Ma’Ma. Ma’Ma has not been well for some months now.

I know You are working something for the good of her for she loves you. On this day that the whole world is celebrating and remembering Mothers and their contributions to your handiworks, I make a request Papa Jesus with tears in my eyes that you touch Ma’Ma Sarah and restore her strength. Replace her tears with singing, her sorrow with the delight of the sunlight, her immobility with the steps of a giant, take away her struggle and let her join others in your sanctuary to praise you. Let Ma’Ma Sarah walk again. Let her dance again like she used to. Save her from all the troubles of this world and cloth her with your peace. We love her and multiple her days here on earth.

Thank you Papa Jesus and my regards to my father, kindly tell him we have missed him and we shall take good care of Ma’ma.