Many have stories to tell about the men of God in their lives. I also have my story to  tell and I tell part now believing that one day, I may have the honour to tell the whole life story of this great man of God, whose very life so challenges you to live your cause for Christ. Who is your man of God? Mine is Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh. Over this seven years, he has moved on from just being my district pastor to become my spiritual father in the pentecostal faith.

There is no better time for me than on this great and memorable day that the Lord gave him to wish him a happy birthday. I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY APOSTLE VINCENT ANANE DENTEH. He is not only a father to me but a friend, and not only a friend but my mentor. He has been so much of a blessing in his ministerial works to me. I appreciate his spiritual impact in mine. He has imparted and nourished my faith with his messages, exhortations and ministerial experience. He drives me to be more committed and devoted in my service to God. Not many will do what you do, not many will travel the space you have and still not many would sacrifice everything like you do. I believe I am not the only person but the hundreds who have encountered him would share similar testimony of this true vessel.

I know he will look to this day with mixed feelings. The announcement from the Council Meeting of your transfer from Madagascar back home to the Sefwi-Bekwa Area would hold a lot of memory for you. It has been almost six to seven years of your missionary work in the Island country. How great a work when a fallow land suddenly becomes fertile. Great is the effort of the cultivator and he shall receive abundant harvest.

Am sure he is very excited with the announcement of his coming home especially to  reunite with his children, Christie, Sammy, Priscilla and McKeown who according to him have not enjoyed adequate parental love from him and his wife due to their labouring in the Lord’s Kingdom in Ukraine and Madagascar. I need not forget his short missionary activities to Mauritius and Seychelles Islands. Same way he would be filled with strong emotions as he says his bye to the beautiful people of Madagascar where he has laboured in greater toils to evangelise the Island country to bring salvation to many and raise the foundation of so many others in their faith. When the chronicle of missionaries to that country read, be sure he will receive great prominence for his work and the growth of the Church of Pentecost in that country. He has one philosophy which he works hard at always attaining. He leaves a place far better than he came to meet it. Only a few great men have such qualities.

I know the people in Madagascar would live in the same state as the people of Ashaiman Estate District who with tears sought hard to have his transfer from Ashaiman to Madagascar overturned. But try hard as they did, the voice of the Council of the church was more powerful than the cries of the people in plead of mercy for a beloved man of God to stay and complete his term. In sorrow they consented knowing a far greater assignment which needed a man of his valour to undertake awaited. He would be solely missed by them and though his works on the island comes to an end, let the people be sure he would not leave them. No! Not the many sons and daughters he has raised.

Thank you Papa, thank you for the opportunity, for the strength, for every encouragement and the fortitude and believe everything is within the reach of man’s accomplishment. I will strive to live for a cause so I will be remembered long after my assignment here on earth is over. I bless the day the Lord sent you into my life. May your name be inked in the Lamb’s book of life, heaven reward everything you have sacrificed for the King’s work.

You are the one we speak of. The one the Lord has blessed us with, the one we know and the one we enjoy fellowship. Happy Birthday and enjoy the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and until you sit with Christ Jesus in heaven, may you continually be an example of Christ to this present generation.

Happy birthday, long life and success in ministry.