The Church of Pentecost as part of her vision 2018 to raise her members to be fruitful and committed contributors at all levels of nation building has launched a political concept in the church known as the Youth Political Chamber.

The political chamber launched in Accra on Friday, 21st April, 2017 by the chairman of the church, Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah seeks to raise politicians, statesmen and diplomats for Ghana and the world who shall be real ‘salts’ and ‘lights’ in this morally challenging postmodern world.

Performing the launch, which was under the theme:  “Towards International Birthing of a Band of ‘Daniels’ and ‘Esthers’ for Ghana, Africa and The World,” Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah underscored the need for Christians to venture into active politics.

According to him, many Christians have believed the lies that politics is bad and very dirty. “If politics is dirty, that is the more reason why Christians should go into,” he stated. He said Christians are not only salts and lights of the world but also ‘soaps’ to wash away the dirty nature of politics.

“It is a big mistake that Christians have made over the years not to venture into politics,” he added. The chairman said with Christians at the helm of leadership in Ghana and Africa, the abundant natural resources that God has endowed the continent would be put to judicious use to the benefit of the people.

He stressed on the importance of leadership and called on Christians to take leadership position wherever they are in politics, chieftaincy etc.

Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah said said it was blasphemous for anyone to say Christians should not take active part in politics. He said politics is about spirituality and charged Christians to bring their spirituality into politics.

“It is my heart cry and prayer that this chamber will grow to raise men and women who fear God and endowed with grace to bring the grace to bear on our nation and Africa to make good use of our natural resources.”

On his part, Apostle Prof. Peter Ohene Kyei, a former Rector of the Pentecost University College said it was not enough to call people into politics. He called for a change of mindset to enable us develop as a people stressing the key to development is character.

He challenged the youth to change the expression of Christianity in the land and aim for excellence instead of the mediocre attitude being exhibited.

Apostle Prof. Ohene Kyere  called on the youth to cultivate public and private integrity. He said the youth need to be truthful in all situations and must have absolute trust in God beyond any circumstance in order to become exemplary leaders of Christ.  “We need youth who will sacrifice and not be interested in the things of the world but those who have decided to change the things of the world,” he exhorted. “We need more of the Esthers and Daniels who will risk and not bow to materialism, lies, corruption and laziness and stand according to God’s standard. God’s standard has not changed,” he added.

The former Rector of the Pentecost University College called on the leadership of the church to consistently invest in the youth to ensure they make the impact it require. He was also of the view that the church must tap into the creativity of the youth in decision making and allow the youth to make mistakes. “We must allow the youth to make mistakes, discuss them and show them the way,” he ended.

Other speakers at the launch included the former Rector of GIMPA, Prof. Stephen Adei who said it was the church’s duty to equip the members to be representatives and ambassadors of Christ in politics, education, arts and culture. He called on the church to provide solutions to corruption and wrong tactics which he identified as the reasons why Christians shy away from politics. He called on the chamber to deepen their spirituality so that they can shine even in the midst of the darkness of politics stressing that God does not need the believer to be light in heaven but rather here on earth. He called on the church to sponsor 200 people in all constituencies so we would have a critical masses in parliament.

Other speakers were Hon. Elizabeth Sackey, Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister; Hon. Kennedy Kankam, MP for Nhyiaeso, Kumasi; and Apostle Samuel Yaw Antwi, General Secretary of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council.

The Youth Political Chamber shall convene twice a year for a residential school and grooming where they will have the  opportunity to relate with seasoned political figures. Members of the chamber shall be directly encouraged and supported to pursue their political careers without coloring the chamber with any political party affiliations.

The committee, made up of pastors, business men and politicians is chaired by Pastor Michael Peasah. Other members of the committee are Pastor Felix Okyere Anti, as Secretary, Pastor Clement Achim-Gyimah, Elder Dr Bernard Kumi-Boateng, Deaconess Hon. Elizabeth Sackey, Hon. Kennedy Kankam and Hon. Adwoa Ntoso.