Today, across the world, is set aside to celebrate women. It is International Women’s Day. As we celebrate the role and contributions of our women to our socio-economic and political development, I have only three women to celebrate. The first is my mother and the second are my two sisters, Kate and Vero. I bestow honours on them for their impeccable life and family support. They have been unflinching in their devotion and believe in me. I have admired every step of their progress and I have firm belief in their sterling qualities which the people of our country shall celebrate tomorrow. The strength of womanhood is at its finest display in moments of calamity. I honour my mum especially for that great role she played along her departed and trusted husband and friend to see us this far. No love has any other than hers to have risked her health for her husband and children. Though he is gone, we are the true witnesses of your great heart; the heart of a woman. I wish I was writing this piece in her honour on this day.

But she told me to do it in honour of the third person and the one who this piece is about, My Beloved Louisa, soon to be her daughter-in-law. Since she requested, I am duty bound to carry out her wish.

In thinking about what to write I came across Patoranking’s hit song ‘My Woman, My Everything,’ as the perfect title to suit my tribute to a lady whose thought capsulates me into believing I have finally found my missing piece. When God shows you things, it’s not so that you can fear or worry. He shows you to prepare you and to trust Him. My long search for my love has finally been rewarded with someone who fit the billing. Love could not be anything better than you. She is to me like the clefts of the rock. The wander called to priestly feast of love and merriment when he found whom his heart loves.

Where you invest your love you invest your life so the saying goes. How true it is for me to entrust all I have been and become with someone whose Genesis story do not match to her Malachi. My believe in her is the amazing script her life would produce in her Revelational story. A fine and virtuous woman in the making whose testimony shall be read like the Song of Songs and sang like the Psalms. An embodiment of a great woman in years to come. Someone who is so determined not to be limited by the influence of her beginning but much more inspired by the richness of the opportunities God has opened unto her to live a fulfilling and a happy life. A God fearing woman not only in my sight but to all who know her.

Having risen from challenging circumstances of childhood, her determination to be different from her surrounding got her closer to her Maker as a child. Like the voice that eared to Samuel, childhood still presented her the sweet hour of hearing Jesus when He called. Gracious the morning call of our Master that led her to have a strong passion for God’s work and the journey so far in her faith walk sometimes amazes me when I think about it. It is therefore not surprising she was called into ministry at such a young age. She became the pillar the family would draw inspiration as they found their way back to God.

You will be blessed by her interceding cries. Her best friends wonder if she ever sleeps.  I call her the ‘watchwoman’. A woman with a firm believe in the power of prayer, has won many battles in her young life through prayers. The more a woman trusts God, the easier for her to trust her  man leading her.

I always feel a deep sense of spiritual security whenever we pray. The heart desire of every man is about finding the woman who knows how to bow her head and stay on her kneels in prayer. It’s in those private times at home when life situations seem to overwhelm you  that you need her prayers to refresh, strengthen and rejuvenate. That is the sort of woman about to lay in my arms to spend many years of the good and the bad of family life. For me, am so proud of her faith and her spiritual gifting. ‘Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but the woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30.

Stormie Omartian admonishes us not to take our relationships to chance. She instructs we need to pray for godly people to come into your life with whom we can connect. I am happy the connection is deep. For a woman who had spent many months in prayers to land her man is not an easy task and she is not in for jokes. “Don’t force relationships to happen. Pray for them to happen. Then when they do, nurture them with prayer.” Stormie Omartian.

I am enjoying this moment of my life and the prospect of a great family with her is firmly assured. I don’t fear trusting her with my heart and destiny because she is the right gift for me among the many good ones. She is becoming a solace and her presence shall be the safest place given me to be myself. Yes, that is her assignment in my life; for me to be myself in her presence. If you understand my assignment, you will understand the woman to be behind me.

We shall travel every length of our journey together. Every step of the way I will be with her. We will fight life battles together and lift the banner of successes together. The fun times and happy moments we shall share in joy, the trials and tribulations, we shall go together with prayers as our aid knowing they are means to perfect our faith for the race we are running. Meeting you was a miracle. Being together as lovers is miracle. Going to marry you is also a miracle and we staying the rest of our lives together in itself is a miracle. This is not for people to understand but for us to believe in. Proverbs 30 :18,19 says: “Three things are too wonderful for me; four I do not understand:…… and the way of a man with a virgin. (ESV).

I share all this not oblivious of the challenges relationships go through. I understand love is roses and thorns. Like the night and day. No matter the darkness we shall come across, our sun shine shall be the energy to keep us loving. We have been sent to go and shine. On the day we both decided to love, we made a promise to accept each other’s past, support our present into marriage and encourage our future.

I know I may not have the millions and do not need the millions to love you but one thing I assure you of is my loyalty. I promise to remain loyal to your love from our beginning to our end. To shut my eyes and affection to any other. The night is already gone so there shall be no pondering the windows of the mind into fanciful adventure. I am my lover and my lover mine. Beholding with my eyes the bewitchment of her beauty.

I have come to understand that the greatest job in the world is to nurture a relationship into a marriage. A job we all want to be employed into. Love is the only thing that turns us into farmers. Lovers become cultivators. I shall strive as a duty to bring out the best in her and everything around us to make this a prosperous one. To empower her live her full potentials and operate at her highest ability. Proverbs 31:29 says: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” I am aware God is putting me to duty to make her the desired fruit on my tree of life.

The experience is worthy sharing. I have opened the door of my life to you. I only want to make your heart my home where love comfort shall be found in the embrace of your heart. Your love so real that it could be plucked from your eyes.

I thank God for the lives of women. I have come across many women but you are the best among all. Women are the best thing God created and to have you is to have been given the treasured gift of my world. With you as my love sums up my satisfaction and fulfilment in my long search for you.

Let the whispers of my love be what you cherish most and of what I ever meant to you. Hand for a hand and Heart for a heart. A friend for love. Until our love is glorified, you are my woman, you are my everything. You are My Beloved Louisa.