The Area Head of the Church of Pentecost in Ashaiman, Apostle Kingsley Ennin has charged the youth of the church to be ready for the favour of God that shall produce a transformation in their lives.

Apostle Ennin was speaking at the Apostlization service with the youth of the church yesterday, 6th February, 2017 at the Central Estate auditorium in Ashaiman.

According to him, the youth age is the first fruit of God and called on the youth to dedicate their first fruit to God. “God wants to be proud of you all,” he said to shouts of hallelujah from the charged youth.

He stated that the youth age presents a time of danger and challenges. He cautioned the youth not to destroy your future for it holds a great prospect for them.  from today.

“This year the favour of God shall cause a great transformation in our lives in the Ashaiman Area and the youth shall be the start of that transformation”, he said.

He called on the youth to believe that all things are possible and never allow any one to despise their youthful age.

Using himself as an example Apostle Ennin told the youth when he was a deacon of the church at a youth age, he always felt he was a young man and needed not to talk at meetings but was told to be more articulate by virtue of what God had blessed him with and not his age. He continued that he then, almost all ideas he brought forth was well accepted and implemented.

He asked the youth to value their lives and be  properties unto God.

He stressed that all the great people in the Bible used by God were all in their youth. God used the youth to accomplish His purposes and so God can use you,” he said.

He cited Joseph, whom he said stood out more when he was a youth. “If Joseph had defiled himself, the Hebrew nation will not have materialised. Though in a foreign land, he was able to stand for the Lord. Genesis 37:2. The Lord used Joseph to fulfil His promise to Abraham. He used him to preserve the lives of the Hebrew nation,” he preached.

He asked the youth to be more like David, who was used by God to bring glory to His name by killing Goliath who was defaming the name of God. 1 Samuel 17. He prayed for God to make them David to kill every Goliath in their lives.

He said in 2 Kings 23, the Bible talks about a young teenager who began king at 8 years. He was Josiah. At 16 years, Josiah sought the Lord and it was said of him, there was no king like him. At 20, he destroyed all the idols in the land. At 26, he began the repairs of the temple and the law of Moses was found during his reign. Greater salvation was restored in his time. He was of the firm believe God was able to make the ministry of the youth same.

Using Ecclesiastics 12, he charged the youth to keep the admonition of Solomon when he addressed the youth. He said Solomon was enthroned as king when he was young and his time was drawing to a close, he advised the youth to remember their creator in the days of their youth.

“God used the youth  because the heart of the youth are filled with divine vision,” he added.

Apostle Ennin stated God was ready bring reformation in the church through the youth. He used Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26 when after he had become king changed idol worship and brought reformation.

“Today marks your new beginning in the Lord,” he said.

Present at the service were Pastor David Amankwah, the Area Youth Leader,  Pastor F. K. Sinatre, Area Secretary and former Youth leader, Area, District and Local executive.