While you slept this evening,  I kept watch over you. Its time for me also to go to bed. Momentarily, I leave you in the watching of the angels who so graciously permitted me to watch over you. As I kept watch over you with them, we spoke about you but you were so soundly asleep that you did not hear. I touched your shoulders, you turned, touched back but felt no hand. I touched again and you also turned to feel the strange touch but deep sleep prevented you from opening your eyes watchfully to what was happening. I whispered into your ears but you brushed over effortlessly as if trying to kill a mosquito musicing as it attempts to strike bloody bite on you. We smiled and you smiled back. You need a beautiful sleep smile.  You seemed to enjoy the company of the unseen though I could be seen but the death of sleep denied you from noticing but the affection of your spirit told us.  I asked why and I was told the spirit and soul were responding because they saw my affection at that time. There and then I was told you were dreaming about me. Aww! How so sweet to be right there in your dreams. I saw you grin in sleep and wow, you seemed to enjoy every moment of that dream. I hope it was what I was thinking? I felt like dreaming alone side but I could not.  I intend to ask you in the morning what you were dreaming about me in particular. The angels knew but gave me no answer when I asked. “Something must be left for lovers to say.”  As they sat so comfortably at one corner of the room, I took the plastic chair and sat close by your side. I sat and watched in admiration the creature that laid before me. ‘My rib, bone of my bone, she shall be called MY BELOVED LOUISA.

As I sat there dozing, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “You really love her,” one angel asked me. “Yes, sincerely” was the response. “She needs me in her life as much as I need her in mine. If I have nothing to offer her, I have myself for her. I have one wish that she becomes my friend for life, forever until your Master decides to come back. Will you grant me that wish?” I asked. Though the lights were out, I could see you clearly because of the illuminated guests with me. I asked them to always take good care of you for me, reserve the best for you, make you an image of beauty and give you sweet love like a fountain and a treasure for everyone who comes into contact with you.

Oh! See, her covering cloth is off so I stood and spread the cloth again all over you. I turned to see them smiling and I gave one back. As to what they were smiling, I could not tell but am sure they wanted to see what my reaction would have been. Their smile was a sign of approval.

You could not see me but I was with you. You never uttered a word to me but I spoke to you in unmeasurable tenderness like the volumes of the ocean.

Under the Bible is the note I left. Take a read: “I was here with you just to say I love you as my lover and friend but you were asleep.” I want to love you like your dad does, protect you like the angels do, talk to you like your sisters and fight for you like a brother will.  I pegged you on the cheek but you turned your mouth for me to kiss. I realised I was in the midst of angels. Very much aware they were watching, I turned to look and I saw one finger of my host signalling “No’. I was torn between going ahead and placing a kiss on your lips that had invited me to do so or heeding to the signal behind me. Painfully, I backed off fearing if I disobeyed, that would be the end of my nightly watch over you with them. I didn’t want to miss such privilege opportunity to watch over you while you sleep. “Don’t worry, you don’t need kiss to express your love. Your being here alone is ample prove of your affection for her.” The angel consoled me while patting me on the shoulder. How true the saying of the angel. Sleeping next to someone means more than sex. Sometimes its the body’s  way of saying ‘I trust you to be by my side at my most vulnerable time, in my sleep when am defenseless.’ We talked about you, your ministry, career and family.

Soon, I had exceeded my allowed time and had to go. Am leaving you now but will be back every night to watch over you sleep. I will watch over you because I love you.

Its 2:20 in the morning and I am now going to bed. When you wake, I will still be asleep. I said good night while you sleep and you shall say good morning while I also sleep. I wish I could sleep by your side, I wish I could wage the midnight warfare that humans are not permitted to see. I wish I could be assigned to your bed daily but I take delight in putting you to bed. Good sleep my love. I shall see you in the morning to talk about my midnight watch though you maybe be surprised. As I touched you to leave, you suddenly cuddle your pillow so tightly . I guessed you enjoy the warmth of my friendship. I want to tell you that good friends are like the wind, you can’t see what’s inside their hearts but you can always feel their goodness and sincerity.

I did not come with a rose but left a love heart behind.

Thank you MY BELOVED LOUISA for your impact that has now made me a love fiction writer and as I read, I want you to know that I love you with every passion within me and have reserve the best place of my life for you.