Gracious……Receive strength  to start and finish the race of 2017 in the power of the Holy Spirit. I see you become a more finer vessel fit for the Master’s use. I see grace rising upon you and mightily shall God cause you to excel and bless your hands with wealth and spiritual gifts.

God shall bless you with greater gifts to manifest itself for His service. You will place greater emphasis on spiritual matters more than physical. I see you get closer to Jesus in intimate relationship in the new year.

No weapon formed, planned, positioned, channeled against you shall prosper. I render for your sake powers of kingdoms, dominions, cities, families, church, community against your life as impotent.

I restrict every movement of the enemy concerning your life in the coming year. They shall sit in council and their decisions concerning you shall be null and void. I frustrate any agent of the sun, of the moon, of darkness or the waters, of the air by the fire of the Holy Ghost.

I release you from any demonic pollution emanating from the sins of 2016. I decree you are wholly sanctified from the sole of your feet to the crown of your head.

Heaven shall smile at you.

You shall receive the goodness from heaven. Your promises and healing shall speedily spring forth in the coming year. Any declared sickness over your life, i break its effect on you. I see a change of results. I declare supernatural turnaround in your health situation. I see a manifestation of miracles in your life in the coming year.

I hear a voice call out your name. It is a good voice. I see promise of marriage in your life. I hear marriage call out to you. I break the hand of disappointment, delay, failure, sadness, pain, rejection, dejection. You shall be called by a new name.

You shall never be denied, forsaken, forgotten, neglected, shamed, abandoned, cursed, pitied, lack, want, cry, down trodden, in the powerful name of Jesus. I declare liberation for your spirit throughout the year, freedom for your soul, you shall enjoy peace, joy, the presence and the place of Christ in your heart.

Everything that does not bring glory shall give way to blessings, weakness shall give way doe strength, emptiness for the fullness of the spirit, pain for joy, beauty for ashes, glory for shame, riches for want, obedience for sacrifice. You shall receive power to excel in your work, power to make wealth and to be wealthy, power to be fruitful. You shall receive promotion, a good job, good salary, good business ideas.

I pray for you my sister and my love. I wish you a happy life in 2017. I bless you and love you deep as I pray for you.