Its Christmas already and many are coming home to celebrate with their families. We will go home also to be with the family. This is where we shall feel sadness in a joyous occasion. One person will be absent from our midst and we can’t explain better his absence.

Kate wrote this morning how she missed daddy’s absence this Christmas and Vero responded in tears and I with grief of such a moment without our influential person.

How come Papa did not come for Christmas this year? Normally, it is we who will come to visit but this time, we had waited for his coming and Papa has disappointed. The grief of a family at Christmas is like that of the mother Jesus at the death of her son Jesus Christ.

Papa never told us last year was his last ever Christmas. That he won’t join us to mark the day of the Saviour’s birth again here on earth. We won’t sing the carols of the watchful shepherds at nights and can’t present him with gifts from our manly toils.

Are we going to miss the affection of a father’s prayer to God for keeping and preserving his children throughout the year? This time round, who shall conduct the roll call. We were present at Christmas roll but I guess when Rev. Jonas stands in your stead to conduct, we all will be present but you. Why are you not here to see the list on the roll has increased. Shirley and Jeffery have come to add up to the list. Shirley is a pearl and Jeffery prophetic. Papa, we thought you would be here to carry them around like you did to us at our infancy.

When it was six o’clock today, my phone rang. Still in bed, fatigued from the previous day’s activities, I struggled for it only to hear the voice of my mother. “Mensah, are you coming home for Christmas?” She asked. I said yes, most definitely, “I will come in the morning.” She told me Kobina was already there and will call Rev. Jonas to find out when he would also come. It then dawn on me that it is Christmas and all of us from our various destinations are coming to the home of our birth.

Christmas was always a happy time for us because Papa was around to make it so special. The gifts and clothes were what we looked forward to. The best meal were always reserved for Christmas. Papa will permit us to go out for Xmas gifts from family members and friends. He will sometimes give approval for us to join the other children in hunt for the construction of our palm branches Christmas home. Awesome time and beautiful memories with Papa at Christmas.

But not this year and never again.  Never again shall we live Christmas in his presence. He is no longer part of us, part of the living. (Body chills with sadness and tears fill the eyes. I wonder why Kate should bring this subject up at this time but I now understand the emotional state she is in now. I am making becoming emotional myself and tears are already dropping.)

Come home for Christmas Papa, all your sons and daughters, your grandchildren call you to come again even if for your last Christmas. We call that you may come home for Christmas.

We have waited for days and your appearance delays like that of the return of your Master, Jesus Christ. Could it be that you are more happier at your new home that you don’t want to come back? We look into heaven hoping to see you there but all we see are the Christmas trees adore with stars and lights with the tunes of jingle bells and silent nights….

We sit over our bowl of fufu having lost the appetite to diet because you die. The joy of Christmas is the tears of our season.

No matter our lost, no matter whether you in heaven, we say Merry Christmas Papa and a Happy celebration in heaven. We love you but heaven loves you more. Sleep in heavenly peace.