“Never test the depth of the water with both feet unless your intention is to get wet or drown.”
I woke up to the chilling story of Eunice;  how she survived an accident and the impact of love in the healing process. Love has made her to rediscover her former self and beauty.
Her story brings one thing to bear, the unconditional love and its impact at a crisis time. The impact of love is not only in the happiest but much more in the saddest. Her experience sent me back to a question my Ohemaa asked me when I proposed to her.

I saw it to be the biggest reality and test of my commitment to journey with her for a life time.

“Will you still love me when my legs are cut off?”

I felt a strong cutis anserima all over my body because of the question. It was sudden and one I least expected at that time of our conversation. I knew she did not yearn for such a thing but wanted to know sincerely my response.

Eunice has been a friend for sometime now. I got to know her way back on the GIJ campus and we had met on not too many occasions after school. We all happen to be in the same church but different assemblies and so we had met at church programs on few occasions. The few times we talked, she came across as a charming lady. She had a wonderful personality and was the easy going type. Her taste for fashion was understandable because of the cutiness of her body.

For sometime now, I have not heard from Eunice nor read her posts on Facebook or instagram. The last was pictures of her graduating from the University of Ghana with her Masters. Was so happy that her determination was breaking barriers. At such a young age with her Masters then the future definitely looks bright for her.

Then she started posting pictures that frightened us. I was shocked to see her on clutches. This definitely can’t be one for photoshop. Everyone knows Eunice is a lover of photo and an adventurous lady. Infact all her photos were captivating and always showcase a picture of her appreciation for nature. So this  could not be an idea she will want to be in to even desire taking pictures with.

The pictures posted were to mark her birthday. She narrated how come she was on clutches. She had been involved in an accident a year ago and needed the help of the clutches to keep her on her feet. I could imagine how dangerous the accident was. She felt she could not walk again. She cried she might lose her beauty forever. She despised the fact that she might not be the same again. That state would crush her and affect her healing process. She was depressed and dejected.

But there was something so strong than the medication she was put on. She had a good friend to stand by and showed her all the love she needed. Love lifted her up and brought a big smile into her life. Love spoke to her stronger than before. She confessed she har not experienced that affection before. Love told her she shall walk and be strong. Love promised her she will be more beautiful than before and love stayed by her through the crisis process until she stood on her legs again. Though her parents were most helpful and took care of the expenses, it was the impact of the man in her life who made all the differrnce. He could call every time to check on her, be with her at the hospital and at home,shared jokes and got walks together to the admiration of her parents, siblings and friends. In no time, she was gaining her strength back.

She dedicated her birthday not to herself but to her man for not only loving in the good times but more importantly in the difficult times like the one she found herself.

Eunice recounting her experience made me remember the saying of my love. “Will you still love me when I lose legs.”

I said yes, because I believe in her love. I told her I knew she would do same for me if I ever happened to be in that position.

The test of every true love is that it gives even when there is no expectation of a return (John Ortberg).

This is love. Your willingness to stand by something you believe in and ready to die for it. Love reflection is how two people in love decides to live their lives together overlooking each others weakness and become the comfort on which strength is built to overcome weakness. Unconditional love is not rhetoric but demonstration of ones commitment to stand by the other and offer him/herself as sacrifice to see the happiness of the other.

Reflection of love says the happiest times are spent with your love and the saddest times also with her. After all, love should not only be about the good times. It is for this that there is better for worse, richer for poorer and in good health and in sickness as a marriage vow. True love does not fear adversity.