I did not hear from my love last night as I went to bed. Tiredness had robbed me of the sweet moment of speaking to her on phone. I knew she had longed to hear my voice before she rolled herself into the midnight dreams new lovers subject themselves into.

I woke up and after my early dawn routine, I picked the phone to reach her. It has become a norm of greeting each other first thing in the morning after our respective devotion. But today was a different feeling largely due to the fact that we went to bed without our usual ‘good night’, ‘sweet dreams’, ‘love you’. Finding out from my love how her night went filled me with morning love. It was not too early in the morning for me to get romantic.

She had waited all night long for my call and I had to apologise for making her love sick for the night.

I felt a deep love within me for her. For the short period we started dating, I have never felt such strong love for her than this morning. I was running late to work but I did not want her to go and wished she had stayed on the line for the whole day.

I felt the joy and excitment in her voice. The feelings that makes every lady to look back with pride that she has been counted worthy to fall into a relationship. I saw one thing, our love is beginning to take shape.

We got into prayers as has been our habit after each morning and evening calls. The words of our morning prayers today was longer than usual and brought me great comfort and cherish the gift of a lady I have been blessed with.

This morning as we prayed, I could feel I had held her hand in prayer…..An indication of the spiritual bond that should exist between the two. I felt like laying hands on her and pronouncing blessings on her.

I prayed fervent for our love. Something deep inside me wants pure, true, sincere, unconditional love for each other. I prayed for strength to unable play my part in loving her with passion.

“God, she is the one I have found. The one my heart desires, the one I feel secure and go about my duties with chest high because of the woman in my life,” I prayed while seated in my office.

As I prayed, I saw myself diffusing anything that will deny us the peace, joy and love as lovers in a relationship. We desire these three to unable us live as contended couple.

Love, I have asked God to cause me mature more to drive this relationship into a healthy and prosperous one that can trump over every unimagined and unforseen challenges. Every relationship is saddled with its own challenges but we want the fortitude to against firm and together in testing moments. We know soon it will come.

As I prayed for my love, I yearned for God to touch her faith. “God I need you to do this for me,” I said virtually going down on my knees. “Touch her faith and take away any doubt that comes with her believing You for Your provisions in her life and in her man.” She needs faith for the journey ahead of her. I will need her faith to stay the cause of the race of marriage and ministry.

While God gives her faith, God should bless my life with love. The love to cultivate her into the desire woman I want her to be.

God keep us together now until the fulfilment of our vows.

I prayed that I should be true to her. Yes, let me know no one apart from her. Integrity of love and marriage be given to me.

May I set her as a seal  upon my heart, as a seal upon my arm,  may her love be strong, stronger than mine. Let many waters not quench her love nor floods drown it. If a man offered for love, all the wealth of his house. (Songs 6:6-7).

God bless her and let her know that I love her.