Sometimes in life, situations change and they don’t change for the bad but for the good. Sometimes, they seem wired but in reality is the truth. When two people who have been friends all of a sudden decides to change the order of rule from just being friends to be lovers. That is the story.
It does not however mean that they had closed their eyes to the possibility of love geminating and growing while within the space of friendship. The beauty of it all was the virtue of time and patience to test the thermometer of their friendship to see the degree they need to go. It makes the saying of O. Henry true that “No friendship is an accident.”

Being in love with a friend is always the best choice and truly refreshing. It was a decision well thought of. My love came at the right time; at a time I was emotionally hurting. You were the only one who cared to know and to walk by to see its healing. “Sitting silently beside a friend who is hurting may be the best gift we can give.” You gave me a gift.

It is also true the saying you don’t choose who you’re attracted to but you definitely choose who you fall in love with and ultimately stay in love with. I CHOOSE TO LOVE YOU AND STAY IN LOVE WITH YOU. The story of my parents’ love, the one I have studied close to twenty-five years teaches me that no one stays in love by chance but by works.

I have made a choice with a friend, a special person and am so happy I did because she walked into my life and said ‘I’m here for you and she proved it.’

I place so much value on her because she is like a seal upon my heart. She has touched my hearts and only hope she can see the glow her love has produced in my heart.

In her, I have rediscovered myself. I have rediscovered my vision of building a life with another person. The journey with with a great supporter, helper, counsellor, admonisher, and director who shall help fulfil this vision easing my fear along the way, for I know wlshe will forbear me with love, eagar to maintain the unity of the spirit in love and peace.

She is my friend and she is my lover. A special her.