tumblr_lm77k68qxn1qbbgn0o1_1280-copy“The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. May His name be praised.” Job 1:21

The legacy of great men shall never die and so will my Papa’s.

Papa, today I want to pay tribute to you in a very special way. We have just a week to say our final goodbye but we can see you refuse our bye. Preparations are fervently underway to ensure we give you nothing but a befitting burial. We know sickness has been so cruel to you. But you have a good news for us and we also have good news for you.
Papa, maybe I will need to write to tell you how 2016 has been a misfortune and a fortune for the family. There, I will tell the world how you fought sickness, held on to life until you faxed faint in strength to give up the ghost on the 29th of July.

I will want to capture some lines in two of my poems written for you in your funeral brochure to paint a picture of my tribute today. In lines 5 and 6 of the third stanza of the poem ‘When Life Ends’ reads
There you lay
Silent in say.
In your silent state you are not that silent as you have spoken to us. Yes, our ancestors have a way of speaking and you have rightly done so.
In lines 2 and 3 of the last stanza of the same poem reads:
Sons bid goodbye,
Father refuses their bye.
The words of the lines have come to pass for us. Papa has refused our bye with the birth of a new born to replace him. I guess he does not want us to lose him from our midst forever.

In another poem written for Papa titled ‘ The Crier at the Drier of the River’ is a prayer request which has been granted. In the line 3 of the last stanza reads the prayer request. “We shall pray the ancestors to bless us with your kind again….
We did not have to wait for years but just a week to your burial God has blessed us again with your kind. May he grow up to cherish all the principles and values you stood for.

Papa, I came this morning to tell you that the prayer request has safely arrived. Say a big thank you to our Lord Jesus for always having a unique way of wiping our tears and sorrow with Joy. Don’t forget that the next day you died, we had to name your granddaughter, Shirley Efua Gyesi Ackah. In sadness, we rejoiced. Soon, this happy news of a new born baby will keep us from mourning, from mourning your perpetual absence. Our weeping has lasted for the night (your death) but our joy is come in the morning(a new baby boy).
What a joy your death has brought us.
I want to end my tribute today with the last stanza of the hymn ‘Through all changing scenes of life,’ which shall be sang for you at your burial service.
For God preserves the souls of those
who on his truth depend;
to them and their posterity
his blessing shall descend.
Papa da yie.