tumblr_lm77k68qxn1qbbgn0o1_1280-copyIn some few days, we shall depart finally never to see you until God knows when but want to write about you constantly to keep the memory forever alive in me and cherish your days with me, (wipe a tear that are beginning to gather as the cloud gather to bring down rain). You were God’s chosen one for us and we praise God for blessing our lives through your tremendous leading.

Today, I want to begin with your passion for sports and will first start with boxing. Your departure is as the demise of Ghana boxing. You were a lover of boxing. Sometimes we thought in your youthful age, you took to the practice of boxing or you were an amateur boxer. Your antics during boxing games took our focus from the bout to what we were seeing you do in our little room. There were times you even punched us mistakenly because a punch had been thrown by a boxer. We laughed at your antics and you enjoyed our mocking. Let me be quick to add the shouts of attack! Attack!! from him while rising from his seat as if to enter the television set. The constant screams were as uncomfortable to our neighbours as the hour fixed for boxing bouts. I tell you, it made watching boxing in those days truly exciting and added more tension to the boxing bout be it Azumah Nelson or Ike Quartey.

Generally, all your sons developed great passion for sports because you had a great passion yourself for the sport. You permitted us to turn your room into a sports exhibition centre with newspaper cutting of sports personalities and football actions. We went about this duty as if a final requirement for the award of a university degree. This sheer love attracted a lot of people to your home and your visitors after their mission to you spent minutes learning sports lessons from us.

You never made us miss any boxing bout as you willingly woke us up unwillingly at that unwelcomed hours to watch your passion. Soon, we enjoyed that experience.

Growing up and leaving your space made us cherish things parents do that keep their bonds with their children. For you, boxing was one of your strategy to keep an everlasting bond.

Papa, we tell you that anytime there shall be a boxing bout, it shall bring sweet memories of you. We shall use boxing as one of our many ways to preserve your memory.

Thank you Papa for the passion in sports.

In GOD’s care you rest above
In our hearts you rest with love.
Papa da yie.