img-20160922-wa0037.jpgI got back home yesterday evening to see Agya Koo on the campaign stage for Nana Akuffo Addo. Fantastic was his energy and comical strength as he tried in a serious effort to help drum Nana’s campaign message home. I saw the crowd more excited by what he was doing than the message itself.

This is my worry and his inclusion could prove to be a win or a back fire political strategy being adopted by the NPP and the Nana Addo’s team.
Just after watching, one social media news outlet had carried a story headlined, “Agya Koo Pulls More Crowd Than Mahama and Ammisah-Arthur”. Misleading as that headline maybe, in elections of such nature, no one will want to disregard the impact a person may bring in winning votes for a party.

Agya Akoo may have a bigger constituency than even most of the party’s MPs but I think he must be well managed by the political strategists of the Nana campaign team to ensure his presence on the campaign tour yields the require impact.


nana_agya_kooHowever, I also have a reservation about him due to his overly comical disposition and why I think he will only amuse people especially floating votes and in the end lose out on the more serious campaign message. He might end up entertaining rather than educating.
In whatever way, it is a big call for the campaign team of the NPP to fully utilise him well or the party will end up with the same fate as the top paraded celebrities that lined every campaign stage of the party in the last elections.

Source: Eubulus