imageI have been trying very hard to live a perfect life. But it has not been easy in my approach. I profess to be a Christian and must therefore follow standards ascribed for me in the Bible. The Bible is the standard of living for me and any other believer.

The good book of the Lord says nothing is hidden from the Lord. All our deeds in darkness shall be revealed. Many times, we have
comfortably lived in sin despite the strong promptings of the Holy Spirit. He speaks to us when we are approaching sin and I guess  sometimes he yearns to radically stop us or put a break on us in our track of sinful living but we continue though. This thing called living a perfect life is not easy. But no matter what, the Holy Spirit has diverse ways in getting us make it right with God.

It has been more than a year or so since I read my Papa’s book ‘Overcoming Hypocrisy’ authored by  Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, a Ghanaian missionary in Madagascar. Actually, he gave me the greatest privilege to work on it. I was not right with God when working on the book. Chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph and topic by topic, I saw myself right in the book. It had become a mirror reflecting the life I was leading. I have heard messages preached to me but the biggest reality check on my personality and person as a Christian was this book in terms of rightful living. The truth in the book were so much that I realised how unworthy I was before my Maker. But I also thought that was the very reason the Spirit moved my Papa in writing that book and allowing me work on it. I had to set my life straight and not according to the dictates of the flesh. It was the working of the Holy Spirit and not man.
But why am I writing this today almost one and a half year after I  worked and read the book. I can’t tell but just heard a voice telling me to go back to the book. On 7th July, 2016, I dreamt I had adopted a life style that did not suit my calling as a believer and a worker in the Lord’s vineyard. Clearly that was not God’s purpose for my life so the Spirit would have to step in by prompting me to go back to read the book that gives you a mirror of yourself.

imageWe cannot serve two masters; seeking to please God while wallowing in lustful desires. God ants our uncompromised allegiance. Many great books have been written all serving to promote the Kingdom’s cause and rightfully, Overcoming Hypocrisy is one of them.
As I journeyed to work, the voice kept following me to go back to the book. I was to read and preached everything I learn again to myself. It is not for any act I am in now, but merely allowing the thought of worldliness take over my meditation for a while.

I have come too far on the journey to turn back to the world or live a secret double life which at the end will only ruin me. Why live a hypocritical life? Why have a double standard before God?

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Rev. 3:16. We should not deceive ourselves but earnestly pray for the teaching of the Holy Spirit to lead us in all our life endeavours. I hope to share the keys and secrets of the book to you all. Maybe not only the secrets but do a review of the book.