Aba: Please, can you take me out tomorrow for a birthday party celebration since the AU day, you were so busy that I did not enjoy.

Me: Oh! But I told you am at Cape Coast this Saturday for the #SANTA 05INVESTMENTSEMINAR…..

Aba: What is that one too?
Me: Asem oooo……Even if you don’t know #SANTA 05, don’t you know investment seminar?

Aba: So what will this program do for you?

Me: For me, the reason why am going is for your own benefit. How to invest in you and get the best out of this relationship?

Aba: But this is not a marriage seminar?

Me: I know and I am happy you now know the difference between INVESTMENT SEMINAR and marriage seminar.
Can you call your friend to tell her you can’t make it to the party.

Aba: But why?

Me: Aba, my Lovy Lovy, you have to be at the #SantaInvestmentSeminar.

Aba: But I did not go to Adisco?

Me: I know and you don’t need to remind me but am a proud Santa.

Aba: You and your bragging….Like a school like its students.

Me: Let me tell you, we have some great minds coming to speak to us…. We will have investment experts, bankers and lawyer to tell us everything about generating the idea that can be transformed into a big business……

Aba: But it is for only Santas

Me: No, it is open to friends and loved ones of the big Santa Family……
It is an opportunity your friend’s birthday party can wait, for I can’t afford to miss. We also have a future to focus on and this is a great platform..

Aba: Hold on, what dress will I need to wear. Buy me a new dress for the program for I have to appear sharp.

Me: Wear any dress. We are not for a fashion show. Moreover, I am investing in you and not clothing for the Saturday SANTA 05 INVESTMENT SEMINAR.

Aba: Don’t worrry, how do we get to Cape Coast?

Me: By public transport

Let us get ready, the time is tomorrow at 10 am ……Capital Hill Hotel in Cape Coast