imageMa’Ma’s lasting love
No one can tell better
Except the seeds of her broken virginity,
And the smasher of her garden apple.
Maybe those that draw water from her rich well.
Love; undefiled and unstained
The one our souls love.
Refined and pure in her character,
Oh! You, most beautiful among women.
Unselfish in its being,
That is why they call you Abawaa.
Unfailing in her effort and duty towards her children,
Our strength in weakness.
So charming even to the ailing body,
Papa can better testify about this.

You are the artisan’s joy in his design works;
A symbol of hardwork.
The painter’s world of colours;
So true, so compassionate, so loyal.
You are the musician’s craft of composing melodious tunes;
We wish to be by you every time.

You are Bible definition of a virtuous woman,
So precious and amazing.
Song of Song’s type of a romantic lady;
Beauty in your youth, elegance in your old age.

The Miss Ghana of our home;
We desire no one.
The Miss Malaika of our life;
The first and we will exchange you for anything.
The Miss World of our heart;
You all we have.

What is love?
It is the one that lasts to the end and never fails.
Who has love?
Ma’Ma has love.

By Eubulus