imageDear mum,
Am very glad and highly elated to write you this letter.
First of all I want to thank u for bringing us into this world and also nurturing us to become who we are today. Mum u know today is mother’s day and as such everybody will take to one platform or the other to tell the world about how wonderful their mums are but
with us everyday is mother’s day and we celebrate u everyday. today UA just one if the days to proclaim your priceless values and virtues.
I remember vividly as if it was just yesterday how u toiled so much to keep us going.
The pieces of advice u gave us at each levels of our life. to you, we are still the innocent, vulnerable and helpless children u gave birth to some many years ago.
u went through all the trouble to make sure we survived, when u had to starve so we be full. and most of all when u had to stand the wrath and anger of father in ur quest to protect us. aww mother u are so lovely.
They say a mother’s love is pure but I say your love is purest and extravagant.
I laughed when I heard u say you were going to ‘fight’ ur grandson’s teacher in school cos she beats him………..( so real)
Your love is extended to all. u labour for others to enjoy and such is the unadulterated love of a mother.
Mother, your children are eternally
grateful to u and today our sincerest prayer is that God lifts up and restore to your health and boisterous self and give u many more years.
Mrs Sarah Aba Entsie Ackah, Happy fantastic mother’s day to u. we are of the deepest hope that your many years of toil ns labour will be rewarded by the Almighty God. God bless u mum.