You can’t but admire the faith of this father in what he did after he lost his son.

“Heavenly Father you see my broken heart, my despair, my heartache, my loneliness. When my little boy left this earth so did a part of me. I know that I will never be the same. I pour out all my longings and pain to you. You knew
my child from the moment of conception. You are the Author and Finisher of our Faith. You wrote out how many days my beloved would be on this earth. None of this was a surprise to you – just to us.

Lord, I know that my son is home safe with you. I know that he is in your arms. It is only time and space that seperates us – nothing more. Right now Lord give my darling a big wet kiss from me. Tell him that I still have work to do on this earth. Let him know that all I need to do is touch my heart and at that very moment we are together again. One day it will be permanent.

Lord while I continue this journey I ask that you give me peace, grace and strength to make it through each day. Each day make my purpose here on earth clearer. Let my son’s legacy live on in every life that I touch and every heart that I reach. Lord, today heal my wounds. Fill me with your love. Fill me with your power. Fill me with hope. Give me a future to look forward to. Show me your goodness. Lord, never let my heart grow bitter, angry, resentful or hard. Keep my heart tender as my son’s was.

Lord, help me to continue to see that you are still a good God. Lord, help me to once again praise you. Help my mind to be focused on the good that you have done – not on anything that is bad or negative. Help me to once again trust. Lord help me to once again love.”
In Jesus name we pray.  amen