Last week Friday, I was returning home from work when a white Hyundai Accent 2007 model
car pulled over to the end of where I was standing with my hands on my waist in unspoken tones of exhaustion from the day’s work and my stubborn habit of trekking home everyday after work. I cared
little about the car that had stopped right under my nose and wondered in annoyance what
the driver wanted from me. To avoid any queries, I shifted focus as if I had old scores to settle
with the driver and not ready for his nonsense then. Then I saw the glass lowered majestically as if the Queen was in town and wanted to see things more clearer. “Kikraw! Kikraw!! Kikraw!!!….

The shout of the name brought my senses back to where I was. I knew straight away that the occupier of the white Hyundai was a mate in the secondary school. That was how I was famously called in school. It was a habit in Adisco to call people’s name three times.
I bowed as if in the presence of Otumfuo to have a proper identity of him like we do when we stand behind the mirror. The joy of him calling my known name on campus suddenly drove away
the fatigue in me and replaced it with great excitement and brought life into my Friday evening. I called back. I noticed he was so excited. There is always a great feeling meeting old friends you shared life with at one stage of your life more importantly in your formative

Without an invite, I opened the door to his car as if opening it to my first lady. He was actually my mate we sat in the same classroom for three years in Adisadel. “Wow!” Nice car you’re driving,” I complimented. “That’s the reward of my toils these years,” he lectured me. I asked him to drive me to Spintex without asking where
he was heading towards. He was heading opposite my direction to Michel Camp but offered to drop me at Spintex. Very nice of him.
He said he would have done it even without my asking. I was so happy for him hearing all that had been happening in his life. God had favoured him and opened unto him good doors. He retorted how he
got inspired by our faith and had been looking forward to seeing us so he could share his experience.

He inspired me to believe more that I will one day drive my own car, marry and have my own
children. It is just a matter of time. Everyone’s dream will at a point materialise. Just like my friend whom I sat in the same classroom, he is married with his own car, then I also know I can achieve these things in my life. Life is never, never a competition but an encounter that challenges us not to stop dreaming but to allow
the achievements of our brothers and sisters so influence us to achieve our own.

God is the ultimate provider. No one is a loser in life and never become one because losers never
win the race of life. Never despise people because of how you see them today for they may even hold a solution to your breakthrough in
a particular aspect of your life. You may not need them but society definitely does.

Life encounters have so many positives for us to draw from. Never give up, fight on, your blessing is almost here. Delay does not mean you have been denied. Every good and perfect gift comes
from above. It shall soon be your turn.

By Keith Eubulus