The Van Gaal Philosophy

  1. Boring football. Let the fans have no joy in watching. I bet it will make you sleep off just as I did in our lost at home to Southampton. His style is pedestrian, uninspiring and painful to watch.
  2. Delights himself with possession football, sideway passing and back passing to the attacking and dramatic style the team is known for. He sits over a defensive team to an attacking one.

3. To succeed to be the only one in the club who actually understands his philosophy and what it is about. The players, fans, and the media till now have no idea of what this cherished Van Gaal philosophy is all about nineteen months into his reign.
4. To spend 250 million pound on transfer and still seem money wasted. Players brought in are no better than the players he has shipped out.
5. You break the club’s transfer record to sign Angel Di Maria and after a season, you sell him off. The excuse, he can’t adopt to the English game but he performed at Madrid and now PSG.
6. Inconsistence has become the order of the day. Two good performances followed by four more worst. Many have thus likened our team to a lower division side.
7. The only coach who buys players and uses them for games without knowing their true positions. Many square pegs in United round holes.

  1. He sits on his seat the entire duration of games unconcern as things go wrong. He does not stand up to direct or change the course of the game. He sees this as unproductive while many of his counterparts have won games from the bench.
  2. Instead of managing, he has become a writer. Writing virtually everything he sees on the pitch. Maybe the only thing he doesn’t write is the shouting of attack! attack!! attack!!! from the fans.
  3. Demands more bust-ups from his players during games to save him from his job.
  4. More focused on his past than the present. Every time, I did this in Ajax, Barcelona, AZ or Bayer Munich but not United.
  5. He has managed to rechristen the theatre of dreams under Ferguson to the theatre of boredom.
  6. Pride himself to have improved Manchester United in the wake of the club’s elimination from the Champions League. To him, the previous season, the team did not make it so to get eliminated at the group stage is an improvement.
  7. Under his watch, no classic goals, no late minutes drama and goals, no shots, poor set pieces; can’t count the number of times the team has scored from direct free kicks or corners. The team in itself is very poor in defending set pieces.


  1. Very difficult for his team to score after 70th minutes. That is strange of a United team.
  2. Eleven first-half periods without a goal at home.
  3. He has the worst-ever premier league goals per game ratio.
  4. He is now on the lowest-ever premier league points total after 23 games.
    1. He has the worst win percentage of any Man United manager in the premier league era- just 49.2 per cent. Even Moyes was better than him.
  5. Worst is his achievement so far as a manager.

  6. Fans do not believe in him any more. He has lost the confidence of the fans.

  7. A second season without a major trophy is more likely under him.
  8. When the fans applaud at the end of the game, he takes it as appreciation and support for his style. “They applaud becomes they are happy with the team.”
  9. When fans become dissatisfied and leave the stadium before the game ends, he attributes that to the traffic situation in Manchester and not as a result of the game.
  10. Seems he cares and feels the sentiment of his wife and friends over his job security more than the army of fans’ feelings of his managerial style.
  11. Calls fans to lower expectations under him. Even after spending so much.
  12. He has fallen out with many of the club’s former stars over his style of play.
  13. The team’s main sponsor has criticised him for the type of game they are seeing under him. 
  14. He even dream of the possibility of a contract extension.
  15. Plays players at the wrong position all the time. Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young, both
    natural wingers, have been converted into full-backs.
  16. All his attacking players have suffered under him. Danny Welbeck, Shinji Kagawa, Robin van Persie and Javaier Hernandez. Angel Di Maria, Adnan Januzaj and James Wilson. 
  17. He currently has no plan B and a game changer in his team. 35. Players constantly having poor forms and if he continues, will kill the drive out of Wayne Rooney just as it happened to Van Persie. Juan Mata’s form has been up and down without ever finding the levels he reached at Chelsea. Memphis Depay has been poor and no solution in sight to arrest his poor run of games. Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial are enduring dips in form after positive early signs.
  18. While Van Gaal claimed at the end of the year that it had been a good year for United taking away the bad December period, David Gill, a board member of the United club think it has been a season of underachievement given the
    ….To be continued……