perezThe focus of my article today is as a result of the announcement by Perez Chapel International that it had acquired The Pan Africa University College.

On the 15th November, 2015, Perez Chapel International, under the leadership of Bishop Charles Agyinasare, acquired the Pan Africa University College, the first accredited private University College in the Central Region of Ghana. This has made the church the new owners of the school.

It is such welcoming news. It goes to emphasize the crucial role of the church in the education of society. Somasekhar once said the church by its nature is both a teaching institution as well as a preaching one. He could not be far from the truth.

I believe the action of Perez Chapel as well as the many churches including mine, the Church of Pentecost is a realization of the responsibility it has to its members not only to instruct and educate them in the knowledge of scriptures and the salvation in Christ but also on the formation of the whole person. For instance, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana’s policy on education recognizes the positive role education plays in the realization of the spiritual, physical and economic potential of the individual in society. As such, it focuses its education on the development of the head, heart and hand in a holistic approach.

Since the institution of formal education in the Gold Coast (now Ghana) in 1843, mission education has seen many changes as a result of educational policy initiatives introduced by government. In all these, there has always been greater collaborations among the church, government and other key shareholders in the educational sector to deliver and promote quality human capital training.

The church has significantly contributed to the development of education in Ghana and continues to play an important role in the provision and expansion of infrastructure. Many excellent institutions of learning owe their existence to the church. From the orthodox to the Pentecostal to the Charismatic churches, they have all established kindergarten, primary, Junior High, Senior High, Technical and Vocational and Tertiary. Though the government ever since has taken over the running of mission schools at the Senior High level, at the tertiary level, the church controls the total program of study.

Christian education in this modern era is not about indoctrination but offers a broader vision of society where despite people can live together even with their deeply held convictions and difference and learn to love their neighbor.

The contribution of the church to the community is enormous. The nation should be appreciative of the contributions of the church in growing the country through moral education in addition to the promotion of spiritual development. The churches provide direct economic benefits to the community. The church establishing schools provide jobs for the people in the community.


By Keith Eubulus/