Wolfsburg-v-Manchester-UnitedFollowing our early Champions League exit, Louis Van Gaal gave United supporters the most humiliating insult by telling supporters to lower their expectations. I wonder if Ed Woodward ever heard him utter those words. The next day he should have been given his cheque and told to leave for someone with higher expectation to take over our team.

If expectations at a club like Manchester United are very high, and that’s your problem then leave our team alone and go. While the club enjoyed an incredibly successful spell under Sir Alex Ferguson, Van Gaal says fans must understand that this United side is a very different one. Thanks to you, this current team is different from all teams that have worn the United shirt and you must be remanded too that you are the one to have been given huge budget but seem you do not know how to judiciously make good use of the money given you.

man utd out 2In fact, you wasting our resources and then tell us to lower our expectation is my number one reason why I want you to be sacked. Manchester United is no ordinary side. We must be competing at the highest level and we not looking for a manager who will take four years to win us a single trophy. His reason of building United is unacceptable. He glories in the fact that he took us back to the champions league and placed fourth so we should be comfortable with this achievement. I need to remind him that it was just a one bad campaign not seasons of going backwards. Before that year, we were champions.

Having spent a gargantuan £283 million in the transfer market, you have succeeded only in turning United into one of the dullest, rigid, lifeless teams in the world. Under your watch, we have become specialists in bore draws. You entertain us to boring style of football, a team no longer feared even by championship sides. The only thing you good at is talking about statistics. We are not interested in statistics but in results. His pontificated philosophy is his weekly press briefing of “what I did with Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or AZ. He tells the fans “You cannot compare it with 10 years ago, because there is an evolution in football and in European football.” If there is evolution in football, then your cherished philosophy isn’t working and you need to give way for a dynamic person to take over.

United lost the league title last season to city rivals. Can Van Gaal return the title to Old Trafford?
United lost the league title last season to city rivals. Can Van Gaal return the title to Old Trafford?

We cannot lower our expectation. We can only raise the expectation of winning more champions league and from the look of things with your lifeless and rigid football, you cannot take us there even if we give you the next five years. Roy Keane had this to say, “United have gone away from what they were about, they are a bit like late eighties, buying a lot of players thinking they will gel.”

Paul Scholes who publicly said he would not enjoy playing in the current United team, also said this about Van Gaal’s style of football. “ it’s just sideways, possession, boring style of football .”

Andrei Kanchelskis says Van Gaal’s tactics are ‘disgusting’. “ Van Gaal is too pragmatic, his footballers play like robots. They are kept within a strict framework and are not allowed to improvise.”

Gary Neille sums it up beautifully as to why Van Gaal must be sacked for telling fans to lower their expectation. “if he were playing the football he’s been playing, and getting the results he’s been getting, having spent the money he’s spent, at Barcelona or Bayern….he’d be in trouble.” What is there more to say?

“They don’t play the way we as fans want to see them play. I find them at times …boring.” This is the 1999 Champions League winning goalkeeper and captain on the night and one of the greatest goalkeepers the club has had, Peter Schmeichel.

What is more serious than this from Robbie Savage? “I’m worried that United under Van Gaal, are losing their identity as a football club.”

Manchester-United-v-NorwichHis philosophy has failed. The players` are struggling to understand what the so-called philospgy is all about. He is turning out in making our players bad ones. Under him, Roben Van Persie became a bad player all of a sudden and now is Rooney. He is killing the striking instinct of the club. A Manchester United that failed to register a direct short from distance in all games under him, a team that cannot score after seventy minutes, no sense of urgency in their play when they are down cannot be what we are expecting and we cannot lower our expectation.



By Keith Eubulus/eubulusblog.wordpress.com