mary's childDenied the royalties of his deity

Left the height of his glory into man’s suffering and misery

Accorded a place in man’s pity.

Even there was no place for him in the city.

Had to make comfort in a manger

The sheep baa and meh

The lambs bleat and the cow moo

At the strange cry of Mary’s baby


As the sky shinned high above him in the winter night

Angels sing for joy and heaven rejoiced.

Shepherds night watch interrupted by

the good tidings of the angelic host.


Born to the world is your chief shepherd,

King, Mary’s child Jesus.

The child from heaven.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among men.


Its Christmas night

Its Mary’s child Jesus birthday

And shepherds and the wise men of three present their gifts

But Mary’s child was a gift greater than what we gave.


By Keith Eubulus/