Birth-Of-the-KingIn the darkest of scene

A world gulped up in sin

Perfection thrown for destruction

Dominion sold for bondage

Ashes instead beauty

Moaning and groaning man’s cry in grief.

The King’s heart will bleed in pity

Upon the highest throne of his city

Love would open his eyes

To the plight of man’s demise.

A solution to seek

For a generation so bleak.


The divine would take the physical

Holiness would be sheltered in the womb of a virgin teenager

To be conceived by the union of grace with our disgrace

The creator of life would himself be created.


A star will twinkle in announcement of the created saviour

A light would shone forth so bright in the coolness of the winter night

Angelic tunes in rendition of heavenly worship

Would summon shepherds to the place of his birth.

A manger filled with hay.

God’s first gift to mankind

Is the birth of a Savior.


By Keith Eubulus/