imageI come calling..
Calling all with the charge to keep the souls we have.
With the people from whom we have been elected to be spiritual heads over.
Our own friends we share a common heritage and identity with, need us more than ever to come to their aid in prayers and intercession. I can’t come to turns why we are dying so young. So young in our youth. Why will the river all of a sudden dry up? Why are we not living our days to the full.

Every year, every month, our eyes and noses are flooded with tears; tears for our friends who have died.

Thankfully, we have a union that seeks to bring us together and relive school days tapping into our human resource for the common good of all.  Lot have taken place within these two years, from meetings to sports, to social events to showing up at weddings and funerals  but there seems to be little or no direction yet as to the spiritual needs of the group.
Yet, we are dying, one by one. Snr. I feel a burden to call you and others in the vineyard to arise and save us from perishing.
Let us make a roll call of the departed and the list is unbelievably uncountable.
Shall we find out why?
Shall we seek the mercies of our God for our generation?
We believe in prayers
We know what intercession can do…

Toady, we waked up to the news of another calamity in our group.
Santa 05 needs prayers and consecration….
We need God to stop the death in our midst.
I come calling
Calling you to help us come together to seek God’s face for our people.
We can’t continue to die every month.
Bless you and may the souls of the departed find rest in a good land above.