gay couple.jpgSo I had proposed a Friday evening and was about to ask him to meet me at KFC, Spintex Road. Am certain he had said to himself, he has won the first round by getting me to agree on his proposal to have dinner with me. His conversation then changed into addressing me with feminist title.

Mohammed: Good morning dear and have a great day.
Me: Have a great day sir.
Mohammed: Thanks and you too. I’m not sir….Say Mohammed

This is the stage I got to know the person I was dealing with and here was where the whole love rashes began.
Mohammed: Missed you. I want to see your face.

To me it was strange for a man at his age to request for my picture. Thought it was a youth game in asking for pics so I turned his request down.

Me: Kk. Will let you have it once we meet.
‬Mohammed‬: Hmmm! Ok! Wanna see on your dp.

I had wanted to turn his attention from his demand to paint a picture of myself to him without sending my picture.

Me: Hope the children are doing well in school
Mohammed‬: Excellent my dear
Me: Being a while since you took them from me
Mohammed: Oh no. I didn’t took them from you. I only changed their school. You still have access to them.
Me: I hope by now you have seen the face of the person. The headmaster of Broadwings Int. School.
Mohammed‬: I know I was talking you. But I didn’t see your face
Me: The problem is I don’t have my pics on my phone.
Mohammed‬: Ok

It was at this point that he gathered courage to propose indecently.
Mohammed‬: Hi sweetie. How was your day?
Me: A bit stressful. Thanks for asking and yours?
‬Mohammed: Ooh! Sorry my dear. Are u home now?
Me: Naaa. Still at work
Mohammed‬: What? Why? Omg. Is that how you stress up urself? Pls my boo boo take it easy.

Did you notice the name he referred to me? My boo boo…

Me: Yea…especially this time of the term when school is about to vacate.

Mohammed‬: Ooh! Sorry my dear.
Where do you live?
Me: Nungua
Mohammed‬: Not very far from me. Have you eaten?
Me: Ate in the afternoon
Mohammed: Hey sweetie. Where are you?
Me: On my way home please. Must say am grateful for the attention am receiving from you. A bit of surprise to me though.

This whole business of luring me into gay did not take place with a day.

Mohammed: Good morning dear. Pls don’t be surprised u deserves much more than this.

But this day was that is 22nd July, was the moment to reveal the secret out of the bag.

Mohammed: I always love you. I have been battling with this feelings of quite a long time now and I can’t hold it any more, I must let you know what I feel for you is genuine love. I truly love you my dear.
Pls be my girl.
Me: If it is a joke, pls cut it. Such a thought is forbidden to enter the mind of humans.
Mohammed‬: Hmmm

Unfortunately for him, he missed it and targeted the wrong person with such indecent proposal. Blessedly, I had my daily devotion on Jeremiah 3: 14; where God says “I am married unto you.” I needed to let him know he came too late since I have already befriend someone.

Me: Am a man of God, born by the Spirit of God and happily engaged to Him.
Sorry, I can accept yours.

This was what broke his insistence and gave in to me.
I am married unto you. – Jer 3:14
Christ Jesus is joined unto His people in marriage-union. In love He espoused His Church as a chaste virgin, long before she fell under the yoke of bondage. Full of burning affection He toiled, like Jacob for Rachel, until the whole of her purchase-money had been paid, and now, having sought her by His Spirit, and brought her to know and love Him—He awaits the glorious hour when their mutual bliss shall be consummated at the marriage-supper of the Lamb!

Thank you. Let’s end it here
Mohammed‬: Ok. I’m sorry ok. Pray for me
Me: You need to ask for forgiveness. Will do so for you
Mohammed‬: O. Oh God forgive me.

This is my story and many others have recounted similar circumstances that pushed them into that abominable practice. I call on everyone that no one was born a homosexual, but it is a choice many deceived by the lust of the flesh make. We should be proud of how God created us and not exchange the truth for the untruth and the natural for the unnatural.