“When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

The grass suffers and cries out for help, but the two elephants refuse to pay heed to the cries and calls of the grass desperate plea. The grass dies as a result of the elephants quest to win the battle as to who has the power or the final say.

Its three weeks now and the govt and the doctors have still not reached a compromise to resolve the unpass that have kept doctors out of the operating rooms. They have suddenly changed profession to news talkers, jumping from one media house to the other rather than saving lives. While govt want doctors to call off their strike and return to work to continue with negotiating conditions of service, the doctors on the other hand, want govt to approval their conditions of service before they returned to save precious lives. While the back and forth continue, it is the innocent people that suffer.
It is like we living in the pharaonic days when Moses timidly but boldly walked to the king and told him, “God says let my people go.” Today, it is doctors and govt saying “Let our people die.” This is a harsh treatment of the innocent civilians whose yard earned  taxes cater for the doctors and govt.

Many precious lives are wasting away to the grave. Lives not needed there but urgently needed here to help solve the numerous challenges our poor state is faced with. They die unattended to and their bodies made mockery of. Even those who fall or are killed during wars, die dignified than our people dying in cars and in the open places in and around hospitals. The tears from families are too much. In the tears roll curses upon curses on the whole nation. They call the doctors and govt murderous and destroyers of home. Dor how long will this continue. Be sensitive and call off the strike to save lives.

I have spent the better part of the last three weeks at the hospital where my dad is on admission and I feel the sorry state of families. Because doctors are on strike, he was at a private clinic and just twenty minutes of my first visit to him, a man in his youthful elements died. I asked myself if his sickness was that serious, why did they keep him there? The answer was the same reason why my dad was there, doctors at the Tema General Hospital were on strike so he could not be referred there. Sad, a family’s bread winner leaves them to fend for themselves.

According to the Health Insurance Service Providers Association of
Ghana ( HISPAG), 500 people have died as a result of the strike by doctors. This is serious and cannot happen in a developing country like Ghana. Even if these figures are not accurate, a lost soul is too much for a nation not to talk about hundreds. This is worse than a disaster. The response by govt in calling Cuban doctors is not what is needed though can mitigate the effect of the strike. A lasting solution is needed devoid of any political undertone for the lives of our families are more important than politics at this juncture. Listen to the many that have knocked at your door asking you to return to save lives.

I came to the elephants, if you don’t take heed and you kill the grass, you become the next to die yourself because there would be no grass for you to feed on. Call off your strike doctors. Give them their demands govt. Save our lives for we shall still cry in our graves and say, “Our nation turned its back on us on our dying beds.” We are the heroes who are unsung so save our lives.