Mr. Mohammed has been one parent I have come to know for the short time I had been in my new working environment. He seemed to be the first person I encountered on a daily basis at the work as he dropped off his children in school. He almost always had a complain to make and vented his anger at me since he could not have access to the authorities. But in the process of time, he admitted I had changed his perception about people because of how I addressed and handled issues he brought forth concerning his children and their stay in school.
Mr. Mohammed is married to one of the most beautiful woman I have come across in recent times. They are blessed with three children, a girl and two boys. Yet, Mr. Mohammed is not satisfy with the many good romantic lessons his wife treats him to. He has decided for another adventure, a rather wired and shameful one. His attraction has shifted from following the nature course of falling in love with women to chasing after his fellow men to fall in love with.

My encounter with Mr. Mohammed brings to bear the recent debate and headline news of gay relationship. He is not to blame but merely joining the bandwagon to test the waters to see if they can perpetuate the agenda of their paid masters. The US recently legalise gay rights and permitted their shameful marriage. Sadly, a minister who failed to marry a gay couple is receiving a year imprisonment sentence. Even the churches have set themselves to test the wrath of God by ordaining and blessing gay marriages. I wonder what would cause a married man with three children to set out to lure the youth into such an abominable practice and the boldness with which he went about his proposal just gave me the biggest indication that he might have slept with many youth already.

My day had been as brilliant as always but unaware of the uncertainty the night had for me. Right on my phone came the message from this person. He was one I had not saved his contact, demanding as courtesy may want, how I was doing? In fact, I needed time to get my memory on who he was. He sound excited reaching me. This was my first message from him in a very long while since he moved his children from our institution. At first, I was lost but thought he may need my service so I decided to carry on with the conversation. It was later that he  revealed his identity by his name and the pictures of his children. I then knew who I was on line with.

Mohammed: Hi! How are you doing? Missed you.

Unfortunately, I missed this message which was sent me in the  evening due to the power outage. So he sent another message in the morning.

Mohammed‬: Good morning. Why are you ignoring me? Hope you are good
Me: Good morning. Very sorry. Am good and you? Not ignoring you. Saw the message yesterday but my phone went off. Am great and you.
Mohammed: Am good. Where are you?
Me:At work.  And you?
‬Mohammed: At work. Want to have dinner with you. Fix a day.

At this junction, I still did not know who I was on line with. Was the first time in the year a completely unknown person was asking me for a dinner. My mind quickly settled on a business deal.

Me: Hahahah. Wow! Ok. Will do so and give you the feedback‬:
Mohammed: Ok. I’ll be waiting for you.

So I had proposed a Friday evening and was about to ask him to meet me.