imageThe tears will betray our emotions
Tears not of sadness,
As the thought of accomplishment
Will erupt our joy.

Our struggles of studies would be
Outdoored with a gown.
One that betrays our status as students,
But sets us out into the world
As specialists of various fields.

Bestowing on us the dignify title of scholars
Like the enviable ones of state men.
Our efforts are greeted with an
honourable handshake,
Plaques of excellence shall be conferred on they,
That are distinguished.

The thunderous cry of applause And joyous ovation would reward Our years of grueling learning.

The speeches, appellations and recitations
Shall be the perfect rehearsal
To ring an occasion of pride.
The accompanying army of friends and family
Shall add to our joy of celebration.

Tales of surprise and gratitude Shall pour like the rains after harmattan,
To signify our indebtedness to those who in diverse ways made
It possible for the showcase of honour.
And God shall not be denied his due.