BobbyKikraw: Great to hear from you Bobby. It’s being years.

Bobby: Kikraw, nice hearing from you.

Kikraw: Let us hear from you.

Bobby: I accepted the nomination to run for the office of president for this group for a simple reason. This is a baby elephant. Our organisation has not option than to grow big. But it needs the right foundation and structures or else it will not survive. It needs structures built on principles and not personalities. I spearheaded the drafting and adoption of the constitution of the group because I believed that we need it to govern our activities. I spearheaded the establishment of a welfare fund to support our brother’s who may need some form of financial support for any reason.
These structures if well watered will survive a life time. I am hoping that on Saturday I will be given the opportunity to lead us all into developing these structures. Saturday is not about personalities or friends or classmates or church mates. It is about the person who can sell this group to the corporate world. It is about you and I only don’t have what it takes, I also know how to make it happen. I pray that you will find reason to give me the opportunity to be your chief servant. A vote for me is a vote for a solid foundation. It is about the future: together we shall build. It is about the person who has demonstrated the passion and ability to organise and pull resources to achieve our goals

Kikraw: I have taken particular interest in the constitution of the group. I want you to tell me about the other structures you have in mind

Bobby: We need to give life to the constituency. A welfare fund. A finance committee. The projects committee. The sponsorship committee are but a few of the structures I believe we must give life to sustain this momentum that we have gathered thus far.

Kikraw: What about plans to reach out to the even greater constituency not on board

Bobby: Keith do u remember this man. (Not pictured). He is our mate. He is into music now. I went to meet him to share my vision with him. He is coming to Afrikiko. I single handedly organised the May Cova Beach resort so all the boys can come together. We were life on Joy FM. All those who came paid nothing to enter and they can attest to how good it was.
This is red man. (not pictured) I went to meet him to share my vision with him and asked that he offers to us his company called Interactive mindz to the benefit of all of us. We must make it attractive. We must sell the group. If the group is not attractive people will not be interested. I have even travelled over seas to meet our mates and encouraged them to participate in our activities. Then we will get the numbers to participate in our activities.

Kikraw: Heard you guys live on air that day and must say was great of the organisers (you) to pull all the guys there. Bobby…what will you do to keep all who may not win as involved as if they were part of the executive body.

Bobby:There is nothing about projects that should not involve Loomy cos that his field
Selassie will be good with raising funds. As well as Kemi with raising funds.
There must be given set goals and time lines and u will see how they will work.
Keith people will only get involved if we get them involved. We must set up committees and explore the expertise of these persons know these committees. Let give them terms of reference and time lines and they will deliver. Let us make every one needed by giving all responsibilities. For instance there is nothing about IT that we should not involved Ntisful and Llyod cos that is their speciality. Kafui is in my books.

Kikraw: Quick, I know by now you have taken the opportunity to know or speak to other year groups, can you share with us some weakness you’ve identified that you will want this group not repeat

Bobby: This group must exist beyond mobile fones n Afrikiko meetings to drink. That is what most groups end up doing. We must b a platform to gather n share ideas resources n network to make each one better together we build.

Kikraw: Another quick one, how will you want the group to be measured in terms of accountability.

Bobby: accountability is a farcade without transparency. The executives must b transparent, then we can b accountable

Kikraw: Counsel, how do you make the executive accountable for their actions and in actions. Does the group’s constitution make provision for that or a structure will be set in place to check that.

Kikraw: Hse pro we are over 500 brilliant men who cannot b taken for granted. The executives will b reminded of this always. The constitution has a finance committee we shall use that structure.

Kikraw: I guess you give more thinking into this. I am looking at accountability beyond finance. Learned, what informed the decision of Accra as the voting venue for a national group?

Bobby: Keith ur last question can be be answered by the EC oooo

Kikraw: But can you see a challenge in that…. Did you question that suggestion from the EC. This is however not to belittle their competence but in the overall goal of getting everybody involved and moving from everything Accra

Bobby: Keith I left the EC to do thier work. The EC is a structure set up by us. This is thier first exercise and they are bound to make mistakes but that is the only way we build structures and not personalities. I have engaged them in private conversations and I think they will learn from such mistakes.

Kikraw: Good. I share that.
But I hope for the opportunity to have a face to face encounter so we talk on a wide range of issues.
Grateful for the time..
Wish you the very best and the Good Lord grant you fortitude and the wisdom to function as a leader.

Credit: Aglionby 05 WhatsApp platform.