llodyKikraw: Good evening Lloyd

Lloyd: Good evening Kikraw. It’s been too long.

Kikraw: Yea. Hope the family is good. I want to first of all commend you and others for the great job.

Lloyd: Thanks Kikraw

Kikraw: Your message for us.

Lloyd: 1) I believe that we should put God first in everything we do as a group. As president, together with the other executives, I would organize periodic non-denominational meetings with members so we pray into our lives to cancel premature death and negative situations.
2) To set in motion preparations towards our hosting of the speech day in 2030. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. I believe if we start planning and implementing measures, we would have all resources required to host the speech day come 2030.
3) Use available human resources to create expand the current database to serve as a networking tool for members. This database would include members’ legitimate professions so Santa 2005 members fall on such members when they need professional help.
4) To bring all Santas who qualify to be members on board. I believe every voice is unique and could provide insight no other person has. I would try as much as humanly possible to bring all on board.
5) To ensure that meetings are held on a rotational basis. Santa 2005 isn’t only Accra.I would also use technology to ensure members outside the host region can access our meetings only so they are a part of any decision making process.
6) Use available human resources to create expand the current database to serve as a networking tool for members. This database would include members’ legitimate professions so Santa 2005 members fall on such members when they need professional help.
7) I would get members from our year group and other year groups if possible to go into the school and talk to the boys about practical real life experiences. All contributions would be useful to help shape our future leaders to inform their life choices.
8) Organise a lecture/talk/symposium at least once a year on a myriad of topics to keep Santas healthy and informed.
9) Use every member of the group effectively to attain maximum results for the group. I believe every member has an area of expertise which he can use to help move the group to the next level. Every member is equally important from president right down to the member who joined yesterday.
10) Finally, as president, I would explore the possibility of starting a venture that could bring in revenue for the sole purpose of development of the school. The dividends from these ventures can be added to the money set aside for the speech day.
Vote Lloyd for Development in Unity.

Kikraw: What is the motivation for this position?

Lloyd: My motivation is simple to get us to develop in unity. Having been a founding member and having been the brains behind our whatsapp page I felt that we needed someone everyone could relate with to be the president.
Bear in mind that the president is only there to implement the wishes of the masses. Kikraw a lot of time and energy has gone into getting the group to its current state. I cannot take all the credit because countless others have helped but I have been at the forefront. From our very first meeting 3 years ago to our last official meeting on 6th March, I have personally been present at all official meetings. I have also managed to get more men interested by actively seeking the numbers to join. Let’s not forget about the constitution and getting the group registered.

Kikraw: Can you tell me the role you played in the constitution?

Lloyd: I personally drafted the draft for the constitution and nominated others to take over because I knew more minds were needed. I also asked Dapaah to start the process for the creation of the group account. Now I believe that all opinions matters and everyone is important. It is my lifelong dream to have every living member who qualifies to be a part of the group. I have actively sought and continue to seek our mates who are not part to join because I believe everyone has a unique perspective. I also believe that little drops matter. 2030 is around the corner and if we continue to mark that it would be here before we can do anything meaningful. One of my immediate goals is to put in place mechanisms to ensure we start saving towards that end. We have spent the past 3 years building the foundation to get the group grounded and ready to go. The constitution has laid out the basics and this can be amended to suit our current needs. I intend to get everyone to buy into the dream of having a collective effort towards our speech day.

Kikraw: You have a solid 10 pointers. But pillar 1of your agenda interests me. Can you please explain.

Lloyd: I believe prayer is very important. Without it we are defenceless. Too many of us have died after school. Others have lost their way. We have strong ‘spiritual’ leaders who can lead us through a non- denominational prayer service. I believe doing this once or twice a year is very feasible.

Kikraw: Your pillar 10 talks about a possible venture to bring in revenue…any one really on your mind?

Lloyd: I believe that agriculture is the bedrock of any nation. We have a reputable rabbit farmer in our midst that is Meso. This is one low risk but exponentially yielding business that we can look at. We would be deviating from the buying and selling businesses around to something that can sustain the nation if it grows. Our number cruncher in this very house (Aglionby), Tuspi opened my mind to this sometime back when he was still in the group. That has stayed with me since.

Kikraw: You are campaigning on unity in development, but I get from you that Tuspi is no longer in the group. Pls what have you done to bring him back?

Lloyd: Yes! There was an unfortunate incident which led to him leaving. I have personally approached him to rejoin. But he has pleaded for some time out to enable him reflect. I believe he would be back in the whatsapp group soon. That notwithstanding he still contributes to the group and is part of this electioneering process

Kikraw: Wow. Must attest to your hard work and vision. Now tell me how wide the welfare policy will be like?

Lloyd: The welfare policy is all encompassing. But it won’t be a blank cheque. Members would be contributing to sustain it so you don’t give the same conditions to members who don’t contribute to those who do. Before we can help, a member must let us know what the issue is. There are some who can genuinely not afford. We would not discriminate that way but the packages would certainly not be the same. But I say all this bearing in mind that the group has a final say in whatever we do. I would only be there to be the implementer.

Kikraw: How do you intend to make this group even more appealing to other year group and the corporate sector?

Lloyd: By employing the services of our best human resources to assist me source sponsorship. Giving back attracts attention so if we start that we become an attractive brand. Fortunately my fora in the corporate sector first with Airtel and now with SSNIT has given me some links we can exploit. I also understand that Bobby,Kemi and Loomy and the other candidates would also aid with their know how.

Kikraw: How do you get involve parties who may not win the election into your administration?

Lloyd: Kikraw I believe in utilising our human resources effectively. Fortunately all the other aspirants have abilities we can utilise to raise the group’s profile. Lawyers Bobby and Loomy have fine legal brains we would utilise. We would utilise every single aspirant in committees which have been spelt out by the constitution effectively to ensure the group’s progression. Kemi is good at mobilising funds. Kafui is a great designer. I cannot name everyone due to time constraints but everyone would be encouraged to remain committed

Kikraw: What are some of the challenges arriving at Saturday’s voting?

Lloyd: My biggest fear is that the tactics employed by some may have caused irreparable damage to some if we don’t handle it with care. I believe all candidates myself included must publicly come out to apologise for all that our actions and inactions have caused. Group unity is paramount. Aside that I believe that the proxy voting might pose a challenge especially if people aren’t truthful.

Kikraw: I know that is the job of the EC but have you been well informed about the proxy?

Lloyd: Yes I have. I would personally be there God willing. But how do you ensure the proxy votes for who you really want? That’s the problem.

Kikraw: We hope it does not mar the beauty of the process.

Lloyd: I hope so too. The EC was constrained by time but I know they would do things bigger and better next time. I salute them for a job well done.

Kikraw: For you as a founding member, are you happy with the progress of the group so far?

Lloyd: I believe that the group has come a long way so I would say I am happy to an extent but I want it to get bigger and better. The elections are just the tip of the iceberg.

Kikraw: All the best Lloyd and time will present me with the opportunity to join you guys in your activities.

Lloyd: Thanks sir

Credit: Aglionby 05 whatsapp platform.