passion-christ 1Take Time, evaluate your life and see your relationship with your Maker.
Lose not the essence of the festivity. It is not for merry making but a sober reflection of the greatest work ever carried out in the history of our world.
It was a day the Saviour chose to lay down his life for us. He died to save us from the destruction of the devil.
It was God’s own way of affirming His love towards us. He does not delight that we perish but that we all come to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.
He left his throne for the purpose of the cross that through that he may reconcile the world to his Father

He was rejected, bruised and wounded. They pierced and nailed him to a cross. But on the cross though forsaken gained I my salvation. Am forever grateful to the cross that gave me life. Bless you my Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter to all in the body of Christ and those outside, it is time you allowed the blood to speak for you.