.Seek your salvation now
.Seek your salvation now

There is a proverb that says when a neighbour’s home is on fire, you get a bucket of water down in the eventuality that when it spreads to your home, you can put it off. But the same cannot be said of death. Death does not spread like fire.

In the last two months, two people I have been associated with in the past at school and present at church have all died in their youth. None was twenty five.
As painful as this may be to the families of my deceased friends, for on-lookers and friends, it is this that makes death like fire. When death ravages its hands on the youth, then there is the need to take precautions. Not with water as in fire but with Christ as in death.

If these two young guys; a lady and a gentleman could die at their ages, then I can also die at this youthful age. As I grieve over their death because of the personal association I had with them, their death teaches me a lesson.
I hear the sound of the knock of death on my door very far off but I have seen and heard its devastating movements in homes and society. As it happens to my neighbour, death tells me to get myself ready for it could knock anytime. Put your house and life in order. Live not as though you have no one to account your life to.

Somebody, we need to live our lives mindful of where we shall spend our second life. We do not own the world for there is someone known as death who can wind us out of this place never to be seen again.
We need to walk mindful of the fact that we do know the time death will knock so as when Christ will come. They are all operating with the professional tactics of the thief; “For the Lord shall appear like a thief in the night”.

If you are unsure of the precautionary measures to take with death, then Jesus Christ is the answer. Come to Jesus for He has the key over death and hell. Jesus loves you and wants you to REPENT