. God still speaks
. God still speaks

One of the felt needs of every believer is to hear God speak to him or her. Interestingly, there are so many of us walking in the church yet do not hear when God speaks. How do we say we are in a relationship with God yet He seems far from us. This is no relationship at all. Why do you speak and hear the voice of your lover everyday yet you do not do the same with God.

God’s purpose for your life is revealed through His word but He communicates through your devotion with Him.
In our busy world which the enemy has taken advantage of, in our haste to get to work, get the job done and be able to cater for the family needs, we have neglected our devotional life. Begin your day with the Lord as Jesus did and throughout your day, you shall hear God speak.

We have become talking Christians who can’t hear when the person we are talking to talks back. Is it not a case of when we are in trouble or in need that we remember we can talk to God? Even in that case, we shout in prayers that we can’t hear that still sweet voice.
Beloved, that should not be the case. God still speaks to His faithfuls since He is the same as He was yester years.

He spoke to Samuel, He called out to Moses, He spoke to and with David, He did same with Saul but he did not hear His voice rather those of men.

We need God to speak to us if we are going to live a victorious life.
God speaks and if you think He is silent, it is because He had already spoken but you were too busy to hear His voice.