“And he said, I will certainly return unto thee when the season cometh round; and, lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son …”new yGenesis 18:10

What a miracle for us to have cross over to a New Year. By the authority of God and the revelation of the Holy Spirit, I bring you this prophetic message for 2015.
This year God shall open your eyes to see goodness. Bible says Abraham saw the visitors but the visitors turned out to be angels. May God cause you not to see ordinary? A SEASON BY THIS TIME, every ordinary thing in your life shall receive the supernatural. Take it!

Understand the principle here; you need a generous heart in 2015 if you are to birth miracles. And Bible says, Abraham received the visitors and gave them something to eat. Your generosity will bring you your proclamation. A SEASON BY THIS TIME, there shall be a proclamation in your life. Watch it, believe it, God’s power is at work in your life.

Precious One, I see you receive divine visitation this year. Is not too late, you can make it, achieve it. That job, birth, promotion, business, education, health is not too hard for the Lord. This is the year your angel shall be release unto you. Sarah was advanced in years but that year, she received her proclamation. That’s your portion. Jump for it. I call it done in your life.
A SEASON BY THIS TIME Beloved, your life shall not be the same again. Your miracle is on the way. Abide in the Lord, be obedient to His word and you shall eat the fruit of the land.
God bless you, keep you throughout the year until you see the manifestation of His glorious word spoken into your life this year. May God give you good health, extend your territorial dominion and keep you away from evil.
I charge you to walk in the ways of the Lord.
Stay fruitful.
Happy New Year