Kofi Adams- NDC National Organizer aspirant
Kofi Adams- NDC National Organizer aspirant

It was 4:30pm and I had stepped out of my cubicle patroling the surroundings of my house (Aglionby, Adisadel College). I held in my hands, my paper and pen with my hands comfortable behind me pacing uneasily for the siren to sound for roll call.

It was Saturday and as usual, the boys had left campus without permission. Their destinations could simply be predicted. They had either gone home that is those coming from Cape Coast or visited the girls schools to see their friends. They were very time conscious when on such unofficial visit. They would have to be back before 4:30pm before roll call at 5pm.

My house was empty so wanted to watch the ‘hard core’ ones as they got back to school. Roll call was over and as usual, there were some who had missed out. They were caught up either in human or vehicular traffic.
Then all of a sudden appeared three seniors from Thomas Jonah House from no where to my house. My house was the last house and a safe place for all students who leave campus aided by one of their owns in my house to help them change or come up with excuses of being in school while it was roll call. My were arguing on top of their voices. They were as loud as speakers. I stood and watched as they engaged in their antics. Knowing I could report them, they started apellating me: ‘Kikraw! Kikraw! Kikraw’ as I was called back at Adisco.

Luck ran out for them as a teacher who had his bungalow near my house saw all that these seniors were doing. He knew them very well because he was their Science teacher.

He summoned the boys and myself to his home. After about 20 minutes of interrogating the students where they were coming from and why they were fighting, the students narrated a very exciting cock and bull story to him.

Not impressed, the teacher told me to report with the students to the administration on Monday. He was sending them to the Disciplinary Committee. I asked, Sir, what is the name please? Kofi Adams was the deep voice that roared back in response.

The next time I met him, I was as shocked as he was also. I was then a student journalist who had gone to the national headquarters of the NDC for a program. Here was my Kofi Adams. I greeted and he asked what I was doing at the party headquarters? I told him my mission and he wished me luck. Since then, he has become a very popular figure in the country serving as spokesperson for former president J. J. Rawlings.

As he contest the National Organiser position, my brief association with him and the relation with Adisadel College make me wish him well.