want to have sexI did not except a call at that hour of the night. Could not pick the first call. The unanswered call was followed by a text message. I had to reach for it to read. It was from Maame Mers. It read “I can’t stand no more. Am losing the fight. Can you come in and help?”

I wondered what the problem might be with my friend. The hour of the night made it virtually impossible to speak to her. I had to reply her back. “Can you please hold on tight till we speak tomorrow? Please, I need you to be strong. I wish I could speak to you now but can’t. I believe in you, hold on till we speak.”

This is the trust Maame Mers resposed in me that she confided in me. She was just 15 years old and one of the numerous youth I’m mentoring. A very pretty and smart young girl. Am very proud of her. She was an average student who had a deep passion to serve God. Her parents could be described as church goers and the busy type who only saw to it that their daughter went to school, back home and that was all.

Maame Mers found herself in a very challenging environment. Right infront of her house is a hotel where prostitutes pass their trade. She sees things girl of her age should be protected from.

After preaching one day in her school, we became friends. She walked up to me after the service and confessed of her desire to be a woman of God in future. I prayed with her and left my number with her.

I made her minister the next time I went back to speak to the students. What a blessing she would be to the house of God? I whispered to myself. I passed on Bible verses to her for reading. She spoke on her mum’s phone, got her permission to use her phone to call me and soon started calling me ‘Daddy’. I saw improvement in her studies as she showed me her results. I encouraged her to pray daily and learn harder for God had a special purpose in her life. I had no doubt about her true love for God.

Despite her effort to grow in the faith, situations at home were also not helping matters much. She was caught between two realities; the reality of a young girl growing up and having loose environment and the reality of wanting to be different among the ‘devils’. What should she do?

She had called me once to confess she had gone to dance with her friends and had returned home very late. She added, “We had a good time and the feeling was good.” I sought to talk her out of it. We are still on it and I trust God we shall get over this.

Sometimes, I felt like giving up on her because day in and day out, the flesh was prevailing over my effort to win her for Christ. She was becoming difficult. For some months, we did not communicate but was trustingly sustaining her in prayers. Friends had had strong influence over her. She would not heed to anything I told her.

So when I received this call, I was alarmed. The very first thing that morning was to call her through her mum’s number. “I know I have become a bad girl lately but your admonishes are strong over me,” were the exact words that responded to my ‘hello’. As blunt as I have never heard, she said,

“Is sex sin?” I knew I had difficult assignment that needed patience if I was going to win her. “Sex may or not be sin depending on the people involved in. But why this question?” Was my surprised response to her. I needn’t her say anything more. “You know Bible speaks against such practice at your age. She said, “I will need you to tell me the truth. Why do all my friends have boy friends and having sex? They tell me of the joy and happiness in it. They are pushing me into it.” I interrupted her with my mouth wide open. “Do you have a boy friend? “Yes, I do. Mine friends introduced me to one. He has asked me on several occasions for us to have sex to seal our friendship so that nothing separates us. He’s been telling me sweet things and I feel like trying it. I want to have sex.” I shouted, “The devil is a liar.” Maame Mers hurried in, “Yes, that is why I have called you. I can’t hide this from you.”

I managed to win her out of sex that day. But how long can she bear the increasing pressure not to give in. Many like her who have the desire to serve God go throuh all sorts of challenges.
You reading this, bear Maame Mers in prayers that we can win her completely for Christ. Will keep you inform of any development in her life.