Charles Davies -My assistant
Charles Davies -My assistant

There are some people who walk into your life and the glorious impact of their lives begin to have direct impact on others.
Today, I am more than happy joining you to celebrate your day. Your gift of love, the meekness of your soul and the humility of your spirit are so inspiring and admirable for emulation.
You have been a solid rock behind me these few years and your loyalty and faithfulness not only to me but to the work entrusted unto us is what am most grateful to.
I always feel assured in your present. Your willingness to give your last out amplifies your love for humanity in your own small way.
You are a blessing and pray for elevations in your life above the understanding of man.
I deeply appreciate God for blessing us with you.
Now, may God cause you to increase and abound in love for His work. Pray that the work of your hands will be ordained, daily bread provided, protection assured, health insured by His blood.
Wish you the very best life has for you. I honour you, bless you, cherish you and love you.
Rise from my seat and lift my hands high up and say “Baba God, thank you for bringing Charles on our path and way.”
Many many Happy Birthday