Don't give up on God
Don’t give up on God

The desire to live a good life drives a young man in his final year at one of our nation’s tertiary institutions to seek God earnestly. He hated the idea that his parents were poor. He found it difficult to understand how his hardworking parents were poor despite coming to the city? He concluded after listening to the sermon ‘You shall prosper’ 3 John 2 to follow Jesus. He did not understand the choice he had made. Like many of us, we came to Christ Jesus seeking after immediate miracles and breakthrough.

God does not work that way. All things will only work for your good if there is genuine love for Christ Jesus.

God understood where this young man was coming from. He was in the world but was just one of the many who simply did not know why they were on earth. God will work his faith out. ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’ Jeremiah 29:11.

He was in his final year and the thought of finishing school to no employment made him curse his worth as a person.

Would he still depend on his poor parents without a job? What about the many who had finished school and were looking for job avenues? How was he going to compete with them? He was allowing circumstances around him to influence the way he viewed life and saw God. He decided to seek help to find a way out of life.

He returned to his hostel one day and found a sticker inscribed ‘speak to God and He shall answer you.’ He inquired curiously more about this God. He joined the campus church with a simple request to God. God should give him a good National Service posting.

Soon it will be time for the National Service postings to be out. This young man had fasted for a whole month. He’d fasted and prayed to be posted to the city and not the village. He had become a strong believer by his own judgment. He was certain God will grant his request seeing this was a small asking. He had come to know God from the testimonies shared at church. Week after week sitting in the pew in church, he heard how people shared their testimonies. He was even blown off by a couple sharing how God had saved them from accident and another how they had moved from barren to being blessed with children? They all knew God’s secret, fasting and prayers.

 The postings of the National Service were out and God did not answer his prayers. The very thing he prayed against had come to pass. He was posted to a village in the Brong Ahafo Region. On seeing his posting, this young man was upset and angry with God. “If you claim to be God, why did you find it so difficult to answer such a simple request? I have never asked you for anything. I ask for a simple request and you fail me. No! Am disappointed in you God. Why have you also failed me? You not God enough. I now understand the lies of all those testimonies.’ These were the agonizing thanks he gave unto God.

For all this while, though he had fasted, he never really knew nor believed God wholeheartedly. He thought to himself he would only believe if his request was granted. All the desired postings of his friends had come true. They chose the city and had good organizations but his did not. God had failed him so he gave up on God. ‘It would be a waste of time serving Him,’ he complained to his pastor. No amount of exhortation would life his spirit.

 Finally, he left for his posting fearing for tomorrow. He had given up on God but God had not. Just the little unbelieving heart sold to God was enough for Him to work it out for this young man’s life and God’s own glory. If it was a job he was looking for, the city was not the right place for him. All students want the easy life of the city. God took him to the village where more than enough jobs were readily available but no one wants the village life.
God’s thought are higher than ours. Sometimes we need to allow God’s purpose for our lives to take its course.

After just five months in the village, this young man was already living a life he had never lived before. After his service, had become a farmer. He had a farmland and poultry. He was making money he had not seen the whole of his four years of education.

 The last time he heard of his friends, they were finding it difficult coping with city living. His friends had no job after service but he had good poultry farm making all the millions. Not only that, he had a farmland he did not buy and also owned machines, employed the people whose land had made him rich and could send his parents good money to take care of the family.

He now understood God was working for his good. He had his faith back. The experience had humbled and broken him. Today he is a strong preacher of the gospel and a successful businessman still in the village.

“And having chosen them, he called them to come to him. And having called them, he gave them right standing with himself.
And having given them right standing, he gave them his glory.” (Romans 8:30NLT)