Time to be called upon to serve
Time to be called upon to serve

We live in the part of the world where many things do not count for people. We see things as normal and of no significant to us as far as they do not directly have a bearing on our lives. But I tell you everything that happens to us happen for a reason and before something happens, you would have received a prior notice of it.

Probably, Friday July 25th , 2014 will be a great day for me in the area of my discipleship. This was the day I was ordained as a Deacon of the Church of Pentecost. I have held many religious positions right from senior school to the tertiary but with the latest, I was ordained.

The sermon ordaining us into the officership position was wrapped from 1 Samuel 3:1-10. The minister pointed about God keeping track records of happenings in our family as we dedicate ourselves to him.

At a time when God needed someone to take Israel to the next level, He found no one suitable than a young man called Samuel. Even before that He had to consult the family record to know the real one he was choosing. Yes, and Samuel’s family had the record of loving God and God showed him the honour.

Could say we have been blessed to know the Lord. The entire family after God’s light shone on us when daddy was at the point of dead. Today, daddy is a strong believer as well all his children. We pray we continue to be dedicated to the cause of our Maker.

Felt the Apostle unction and mantle handed down to me when my Area Apostle, Nene Ofoi Ahorlu Amegatcher laid his hands on me.

The Sunday after my ordination, I walked home to visit daddy and mummy. My big sister had left a book to be given to me as gift. She was not aware I had been ordained and the gift coming at a time God was taken me through personal service training, I saw it as unusual. The title of the book was ‘Backsliding’ written by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills.

“Was this the message God meant for me or for someone?” I quietly thought over the gift in my hands. Why Backsliding and my call into leadership? I turned to read the back and my eyes caught these words: “Many begin, but not so many survive to the end.”

My sister Catherine
My sister Catherine

I opened the book to see my sister’s name in it. I thought, but if it was a gift, you shouldn’t have written your name in it. You could simply tell me to read the book than to tell me is a gift?

My sister, Catherine Ackah might have done it without knowing the real purpose behind but God had indeed moved her to present me the message for my ordination, three days after it did happened.

If my charge at the ordination service was to move the church to the next level as preached, then I need to watchful less I backslide and not fulfill the mission I have been called into.

Interestingly, the pastor had mentioned the backsliding priest when he put it this way: “ Eli had been sleeping at his usual place .” with the emphasis on his usual place. He had lost his vision and the glory of the church was glowing dim.

Sister, thank you for the simple gift. After many days, the Lord is revealing to me the real intent which He moved you to give the book to me. God wants me to be a difficult leader and have to observe the many who have taken that office and what happened to them after years in the service.

Learn from the people who have gone ahead of your and pick lessons from their service in the house. One of the enemies that fight Christian leaders today is the spirit of backsliding; when our first love is lost.

I pray that may your gift always remind me to be faithful to the end.