our motherTo your beautiful sucking nipples

Has been the strength of my infancy

Watching daily as my tongue draws

Life from your milk

Denying Papa his portion of his night hunting game.

To your beautiful bruised and tender hands

The comfort of my sleep,

Your black chest my resting mat

But what might have happened to your hands?

I wondered in the innocence of the seen world.

You were the umbrella

Sheltering me from the hatred of the weather

Your tears like the water

That washes away my filth

I denied you sleep only to sleep

Sleepless nights your comfort

My teacher that taught me my first language

Made you a warder

Matching over my toddling, hopping, walking and pacing.

I was once a burden in front

Now a burden at your back

Mama Why?

For months I made you loose the sense of your

Normal walk, waddling as one needing chair for comfort.

You brought me out only to be tied at your back

Like a sack that needed to be tied.

Your love so real could be plucked from thy eye

Your smiles so refreshing and assuring

My tears ached you so badly

My sick body send shivers through your heart.

But Mama, where is Papa

I will whisper in your ears

But they sounded like noise to you

Sometimes I could see your tears

As heavy as the rains

I would bring my feeding cup

But you thought I was hungry

I wanted to show you that

I have learnt love and compassion from you

You struggle to put me through life

How did I pay you back, stubbornness!

But Ma’ma, that is childhood disease

Soon it would be cured of its sadness to you.

Ma’ma, the son of your womb

The joy of your burden

The identity of your broken virginity

Stopped by to wake you from the mat

We slept together and to tell you

You are the making of me

I have something to live for you

I will never disappoint you

Ma’ma, you are my greatest love of all

( A poem dedicated to my dear mother Sarah Aba Entsie Ackah. Mum, you are my greatest love of all.)