DSCF9147Already, a new term is with us again and am ready for it! Last term was great. I am really excited about this term because it seems really the moment for me to try my best and do my best for my school. It probably might also be my last term in my school as I seek other opportunities elsewhere.

With just a year into my new job as head of my school, I’ve felt the pressure of academic work and I have taken every challenge as it has presented itself. I must admit it hasn’t been easy but grateful for the daily experience to raise the next human resource of the nation.

Parents are expecting nothing but the best from their children and me. The pupils likewise want to see real progress in their studies and I also expect my staff to rise up to the task of providing quality education.

The feeling of this term is great because I will be seeing another group of candidates write their final exams. I sometimes get nervous but am very possible about what they can do in their final exams.

I anticipate a busy term for me and my children. This is a promotional term and all pupil shall be expected to work hard to earn promotion to the next stage at the end of the term.

Wonderful period I wise for myself and the rest of the guys whose work directly have bearing on mine.

Our term shall be a good one!